The Five Best Lil Uzi Vert Songs of His Career

Lil Uzi Vert is someone that you either really like, which is pretty common at this point and time since people tend to love artists that come out to ‘say something’ or feel slightly frustrated with since he’s had chances to do something in life and decided to take the hard way. The latter feelings come from the fact that he not only dropped out of school but spent four days working a job and then quit. After being kicked out of his home by his mother he decided to take his rap game seriously after previously saying that he didn’t want to be a rapper. A lot of people would say to have patience and faith with a guy like this, but a lot of others would say that he got extremely lucky to be picked up as a rapper and given a chance that turned into something that he could use to ascend to fame. There’s no knocking the skill, it’s simply the common sense that seemed to take a while to back the skills up.

Here are a few of the best songs from his career thus far.

5. Do What I Want

A rapper with controversies to his name isn’t much of a new thing in the industry since a lot of those that come into this genre either had a big chip on their shoulders coming in or developed a bit of an attitude upon becoming famous. Very rarely is it all about the music and the opportunity to have the kind of reputation of being all about the rhymes they’re spitting and being the kind of people that are a positive imprint for those that listen to them. Too many seem to want to be at the top of their game and remind people that they’re just that great because of the things they’ve done and the fact that people listen to them.

4. Money Longer

Again, there’s no denying talent, but there is a chance at all times to kind of question just what kind of person Lil Uzi Vert is since he doesn’t seem to have any inclination to spit anything but the idea that he’s going to shine on himself again and again in an attempt to establish his greatness. While some people look at this and think it’s great since he’s the kind of guy they want to be like there are still those that look at his person and still listen to his music since it’s enjoyable. Those latter folks will still wonder just what’s going through his head when he’s parading around the scene thinking he can do and say what he wants.

3. The Way Life Goes

There’s not a lot of doubt that Lil Uzi Vert has some respect for his fellow rappers, some of them at least, but his ability to tick off others and actually insult them doesn’t speak too well for his character. In the business however it doesn’t really seem to matter whether you have character or not, it’s all a matter of whether a person can produce the kind of songs that people will listen to and thereby pay for. The whole idea of feelings is an alien concept in music since it’s not about making friends and being a decent person, it’s about selling albums and being the top of your respective genre.

2. New Patek

Another thing that many celebrities can be assured of is that any legal troubles are going to be handled in a much different way since like anyone else in the court they’re bound to be just as polite and innocent-looking as can be. When Uzi was arrested for reckless driving and for fleeing from the police he was given what amounts to a slap on the wrist, meaning a fine and community service, when most other folks might be charged and sent to jail and THEN fined. Being a celebrity often means that you don’t pay the same kind of price for your crimes that others might. That’s why some folks think the celebs are above reproach, and others have little if any respect for them.

1. XO Tour Llif3

When all is said and done Lil Uzi Vert is a star and someone that can buy and sell just about anything he wants since the public happens to like what he’s selling. There’s no delusions that it’s any other way, he’s made his fortune by being somewhat controversial and can do and say just about whatever he wants at this point since he is a celebrity. But putting him on blast, if this seems to be what it is, is about the only way that anyone can formulate an opinion that might be even close to honest. He’s a star, a celebrity, and that’s true. But his character is something that people need to look at as well, if only because it makes it possible to defend or condemn him as a human being overall.

It’s an opinion, that’s all.

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