The Top Uses of Bon Jovi Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Bon Jovi Songs in Movies or TV

While Bon Jovi has taken a couple of breaks in between their career has been ongoing since the 80s when big hair bands were still a thing and before the grunge movement came along. If you grew up in this decade you likely spent at least part of it hearing or listening to Bon Jovi and some of their most classic tracks, which believe it or not have been making a resurgence throughout the years as they’ve been heard in various movies and TV shows in an attempt to bring a bit of nostalgia back at just the right time. The great part about their sound is that it works with the current era and gives the projects that each song is used for the kind of edge they could really use. Bon Jovi has never really gone out of style, though their music and their look has changed throughout the years to keep with the times.

Here are a few of their best songs used in TV and movies.

5. Stranger Things – Runaway

When season 2 of Stranger Things came back a lot of people were ready to lose their minds thinking that Eleven was making her way back on the scene. But to be honest you couldn’t really see it happening any other way since introducing her was the best thing that could have happened and it gave the town of Hawkins a chance to fight back against the Upside Down so that they wouldn’t be eliminated a single person at a time. But now that she’s back and the big bads of the Upside Down know she’s there it’s likely that she’s going to need to work on focusing her power and becoming even stronger since it took just about everything she had to close the breach.

4. Lip Sync Battle – Livin’ On A Prayer

This is such a fun show to watch since you get to see actors and other celebrities get up on stage and do the absolute best they can when it comes to impersonating the singers they’re lip syncing to.  Some of them get downright dirty and borderline nuts on the show and others just get into it and rile up the crowd, but all of them get a reaction and that’s the point. It’s honestly just a fun way for the celebs to come on TV and entertain the audience while doing something that used to be highly vilified since it was a huge scandal when it came out that certain artists were doing it. But now it’s a favored pastime almost.

3. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – Bad Medicine

Go ahead and roll your eyes at this one but honestly this is one of the best scenes in what was a severely messed-up movie and it bears watching since it was kind of a way for Shannon Elizabeth to make a short but interesting comeback. With Jay and Silent Bob we already knew what to expect and what we were going to get, but honestly this scene just kind of took it in another direction and made some people cringe and others laugh hysterically since, quite honestly, it’s something that maybe one in a hundred guys would ever think of doing in a public place. In this day and age it might even come with a visit from the cops.

2. Pain & Gain – Blaze of Glory

It’s hard to tell if this story, taken and butchered from a real life crime story, was a lot of genius peppered with hints of stupid or a lot of stupid inspired by hints of genius now and again. The whole idea was to nab a rich guy, take over his accounts, and thereby get rich. It worked for the most part, but the guys doing the grabbing didn’t really think a lot of things through and in the process started making a lot of huge mistakes. Were it not for their own shortsightedness and stupidity it’s possible that something like this might have worked, but given that the three of them had a single functioning brain between them it kind of had no chance to last into the long-term.

1. Young Guns 2 – Blaze of Glory

Yes, the original will always be the better of the two, but the second Young Guns still has its charms since it introduced a couple of new characters and allowed Emilio Estevez to bring back the same character that made Billy the Kid famous in the first film. He wasn’t quite the raw and untested desperado he was in the first one, but he was just as crazy and just as apt to put a gun in someone’s face if he felt the need. Plus the return of Chavez and Doc was a brilliant stroke since without them it would have been kind of hard to really get into the movie.

Don’t know where I’m goin’, only God knows where I been.

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