The Five Best Lee Brice Songs of His Career

Lee Brice is a guy that could have gone on to a football career if not for an injury in college that left him without much of an option when it came to athletics. So instead he opted for a music career and has been doing quite well since 2007. Setting himself apart from the pack has taken some doing since it’s a big industry and there’s a lot of people out there just waiting to take their own piece of the pie, but his songs and his voice have been impressing people for a little over a decade now and it’s been seen that he knows how to put himself out there in order to really get the kind of attention that he wants. With so many country performers being prominent in this current era it’s hard to think that all of them would be able to get noticed as much as they want, but so far he’s been one of those that people have congregated towards.

Here are 5 of the best songs from his career.

5. Four On the Floor

Some country songs are all about having fun and speaking about a good time rather than the woe and misery that some people seem to associate with the genre. The songs like this one that want to to have a good time make you want to move and just have a blast with it rather than worry that it might devolve into a sad and tragic love story that’s kind of stereotypical of country music from back in the day. Of course those songs are still around and this type of country is kind of new when it comes to style, but it’s so much fun that you can’t help but get into the rhythm and just enjoy the experience.

4. Boy

Kids are wonderful, but there are those times when they think they know everything, that they have whatever it takes to survive and push forward in their own minds. But it’s amazing how as kids we think one thing and then grow up. Once we’re grown we realize that the things we thought in our youth aren’t entirely right, nor are they even a part of who we are any longer. It’s the memory of who we were and who we are now that makes us the people we become. So while we might think grand thoughts as children that sense of grandeur only gets bigger the older we get, if only because we see the limits and decide to push past them.

3. I Drive Your Truck

The title of the song might not mean much to anyone else, but the legacy that is your father’s truck means more to some than anyone could possibly imagine. There’s a legacy there in the mess, in the history of the items that lie haphazardly upon, behind, and under the seat. It’s more than just driving the rig that belonged to someone you care about, it’s the feeling of sitting in the seat, of taking the place of the person that was so valued when they sat in that seat. There’s a feeling that comes when you realize you’re possessing the last piece of someone you cared about, a burning need to do that legacy proud that’s difficult if not impossible to get rid of, if a person even wants to.

2. Hard to Love

If the opening of this song sounds familiar you were listening closely, though from that point on it kind of becomes its own entity. It’s kind of funny to think of how artists take bits and pieces from other songs simply because they fit, but it’s hard to fault them since it does make people perk up since they recognize the chords and start to listen intently. Aside from that however this song is about what you would expect from country since a lot of it is built with strong and very emotional sensations that have created the stereotype that so many people know it for. It’s not a bad thing really unless you think that all country music is like this.

1. I Don’t Dance

From what it sounds like Lee Brice is the kind of guy that didn’t expect to grow up as he did, though it does tend to happen no matter how much you fight against it. One way or another life reminds you that you do need to advance throughout the span of your life, or you’ll sit behind and simply stagnate if you refuse to move on. In that case many people that have tried to relive the glory days and hold onto their youth have failed miserably, as reliving the past only brings stale memories that don’t allow a person to know real happiness. If you want to be happy, you move on and you learn.

He’s got a great voice and range, so it’s no wonder that he’s been doing so well.

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