The Five Best Songs from the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Soundtrack

The Five Best Songs from the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Soundtrack

The Five Best Songs from the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Soundtrack

It’s funny how some movies will make use of new and extremely popular songs while others will dig into the past and dredge up songs that are still popular but haven’t been quite as prominent for many a year. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 however made use of a wide selection of songs that belong to a very different generation largely because these were the songs the Peter Quill idolized when he was younger. Throughout much of the movie if not all of it you can hear the old tunes pouring out in a way that makes a lot of sense and brings a smile to a lot of faces since it’s the good old days mixed in with the new generation that makes a kind of harmonious blend that makes everyone happy to some extent. Well, maybe not everyone, since a lot of people can still remember the old school Guardians.

But hey, the new and the old are still pretty cool. Here are a few of the best songs from GOTG vol 2.

5. Glen Campbell – Southern Nights

It doesn’t say much for the Ravagers when Rocket can take them all on with barely any real effort since to be honest he doesn’t seem to be breaking a sweat. But then again if the rest of the Guardians were there it’s likely that the Ravagers wouldn’t stand much of a chance at all. And to be honest, Rocket is a very resourceful individual that knows how to work his way out of a jam. Unfortunately for him Yondu and his guided arrow are simply a little too difficult to beat, though thankfully Yondu isn’t head-hunting and is more interested in taking Rocket alive. But then again, Yondu didn’t really see the insurrection that was coming either.

4. Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

Making Peter Quill part celestial was a great urn of events since it gave the character more depth and a real reason to have some serious daddy issues. Seriously, Ego is the kind of being that has transcended so far beyond the idea of being a singular creature that he honestly believes he’s entitled to just take over a galaxy or two, or more. But given that Peter has been raised to believe in something called honor and loyalty it’s not hard to imagine why he would reject the idea of destroying entire civilizations just to rebuild something in his father’s image. He might be kind of a jerk and a goof sometimes but Star Lord is still a good person deep down.

3. Sweet – Fox on the Run

The Guardians coming to the big screen was, in the first movie, something that people were a bit dubious about at first but came to really enjoy when they went to go see it. After all the MCU was meant to expand since Thor came on the scene and the idea of other worlds and villains that weren’t earth-based was something that people who have read Marvel comics were wanting to see. But in the Guardians they got so much more than they were expecting that it was only natural that they would want to see at least one or two more movies since the actors were great and the story was handled in a way that was embraced by the audience.

2. Jay & The Americans – Come A Little Bit Closer

You get the feeling that Yondu is just a little too overpowered with that arrow of his? It’s very possible to dodge the thing as Taserface showed, but at the same time if you’re not a skilled warrior and have no real way to evade the thing then it’s lights out. This killing spree that he goes on after escaping his cell is just a small taste of what he can do with that arrow, and in fact the only thing that was able to stop it or even slow it down was Ego when he began to press the Guardians over and over. Up until that point though the only thing that could slow Yondu down was, well, his own ego.

1. Electric Light Orchestra – Mr. Blue Sky

It’s funny to see which characters people will really embrace when a movie comes out, and Groot was definitely one of those that people took to with great aplomb. Why this happened is anyone’s guess but at the same time it’s important to note that Groot is perhaps one of the only Guardians that is largely unhindered by ego or anything approaching a selfish nature. It’s true that as a teen he’s kind of a jerk at times, but still he does manage to employ a very carefree nature throughout much of the film and it’s shown that he’s kind of the only character on the team that never really worries about much, at least not for any lengthy period of time.

The movie did manage to showcase some truly great songs.

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