The Five Best Jessica Biel Movies of Her Career

Jessica Biel is kind of a quandary when it comes to where her career went, but if you really want to be honest she’s been more into the Indie films and serving as a producer for her show The Sinner lately than anything mainstream, which is why a lot of people might believe she fell off the map. There was a point and time when she was believed to be the new ‘it’ girl in show business since quite honestly she is beautiful and has a decent amount of acting ability that’s been building throughout the years. But in her own estimation she’d rather be the one making things happen than waiting for them to happen, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it for those that want to go beyond acting and do something that gives their life a little more meaning. A great number of actors work towards directing, producing, or even writing, and it’s great to think that Jessica has found a way to do what she wants.

Here are five of the best films from her career thus far.

5. The Illusionist

There have been accusations that this film was a blatant ripoff of The Prestige, but if you watch the film and pay attention to the story the only thing you’ll find that they have in common is the use of magic, and even that isn’t entirely similar. Instead of a fierce rivalry between illusionists there is one illusionist in this story that dares to take on the Chief Inspector and a prince for the love of a woman that he met years before. When she ends up murdered he summons her spirit during one of his shows to announce that her murderer is in the audience. By the end of the film however it’s revealed that she and the illusionist staged her death to bring about the corrupt prince’s downfall and escape together where they can finally live in peace.

4. Stealth

It kind of seems that Biel’s movies suffered from over-saturation of the audience when it came to the subject matter since peoples’ moods were starting to change regarding what they were willing to be entertained by and what they thought was no longer worthy. Stealth was a decent movie since the introduction of the new technology and the story were done well enough to create a compelling tale. In fact the whole idea of the US having stealth fighters that could possibly implode a building in the middle of a crowded city with minimal to no collateral damage is kind of interesting.

3. Next

Being able to see into the future 2 minutes ahead doesn’t sound like much, does it? After all, what can happen in 2 minutes that would really be worth seeing? That’s a good question but it’s also seen that 2 minutes can overlap again and again as the future changes with each glimpse. And when Frank meets up with a woman that he’s been seeing again and again in his dreams his ability to see into the future is given a serious jump as he’s able to see for much more than 2 minutes. In a way she acts as a superconductor without any special abilities that still allows him to see far enough into the future to possibly stop a nuclear bomb from going off.

2. Total Recall

Ignore the critics on this one and let go of your preconceptions about the first Total Recall since this one is kind of the same in some ways but different enough that it deserves its own regard. Not only does it incorporate a lot of the original story into it, but the movie goes off in its own direction as well. There’s a lot of similarity between this movie and Schwarzenegger’s, such as the whole Rekall event, but there is enough new material to make it worth the while of those that want to see something dark, gritty, and ultimately capable of making you question the reality you’re given versus the one you think might be true.

1. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

It’s a bit disgraceful how those that work so hard and take on such risk are treated at times and this movie kind of goes into that. When Larry is in danger of losing his pension, thereby leaving his kids with nothing if something happens to him on the job, he comes up with a brilliant way to keep things rolling along as they need to. Of course when it comes to being a gay couple he and his best friend Chuck are kind of newbies since they haven’t the first idea of what it means to be gay. Chuck is what you would call a hound dog, not really a ladies man but a guy that knows how to get the ladies, while Larry is, well, just Larry.

It’s easy to see how a lot of expectation was put on her in the beginning, but she’s found her footing throughout the years and is doing what she wants at this point.

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