The Five Best Cara Delevingne Movies of Her Career

There could very well be a reason why Cara Delivingne stars in movies as a character that has one mental disturbance or another and it has to do with the fact that she has suffered from depression in the past. While at this time it seems as though she might be fairly stable she did go through her younger years with dyspraxia, which broken down is a disconnect between the planning of movements and the body’s innate sense to coordinate each movement as needed to maintain balance. This almost seems like it would have made her career in modeling impossible but the honest truth is that she did go into modeling before being discovered as an actor. So far she’s been an up and down sensation in the cinematic industry but those films that she has managed to shine in have been easy to notice.

Here are some of the best films from her career so far.

5. Kids in Love

Sometimes the life that’s mapped out for you isn’t really the one that’s going to work the best and you need to go out and find what might actually do the trick. In this movie the main character meets up with a young woman that is ready to show him the wilder, less-encumbered side of life that he’s been missing thus far and really needs to take a look at. In many ways it’s the kind of movie you might want to watch if you simply need a change and don’t know how else to look at the world in a different manner. It’s a good way to evaluate your life and try to find a different way of thinking.

4. London Fields

Sometimes the numbers seem to be all that count and not the story. In this movie that story is actually a little more complex and far more interesting than people gave it any credit for. A woman that knows how to seduce brings a lot of sex appeal to a story, but at the same time having so many people that want to kill her makes it even more enticing since you have to wonder what in the world she did to anger them all to such a degree. That being said the legal issues that took place regarding this film likely have more to do with why it didn’t perform well than anything else, as issues behind the scenes can take a huge toll on any movie.

3. Suicide Squad

This movie was almost a bit confusing to those that have never read the Suicide Squad comics and especially confusing to those that have. The characters were actually really entertaining, though in the comics it kind of fails to show where the Enchantress became a dirt-ridden, half-naked woman that a lot of men still managed to drool over. In fact it’s fair to say that the movie had to handle a number of complaints about the over-sexualized Enchantress, though few people said anything really about Harley Quinn. Of course Harley has been wearing tight-fitting clothing for a long time now and has shown more than her fair share of skin in a few different comics.

2. Pan

This is certainly a different version of Pan than many people were expecting but it was kind of interesting all the same to see a few origins emerge throughout the movie and find out what the story was behind the legend of the Pan. It’s also interesting to note that the crocodile that James Hook feared so much could be chased off by light, and it was even more interesting to note that the mermaids were capable of creating their own bioluminescence. That definitely isn’t something we learned with previous incarnations of the mermaids that showed up in the Peter Pan movies.

1. Paper Towns

Not everything goes according to plan in life and sometimes we just feel the need to get away. The fact also stands that sometimes we don’t want to be found since we need to find our way back on our own. Quentin obviously didn’t get this memo before going on his search to find Margo, since she never wanted to be found but was instead leaving clues to tell him that she was okay. When he does find her it’s kind of touching, but she has no trouble telling him that she needs to find herself and sort things out before coming back. Sometimes the whole process of life doesn’t require as much companionship as we think, and is best sorted out on our own so that we can hear ourselves talk.

She’s come quite a ways so far in her career and being that she’s still fairly young there should be a lot more left for her to do. The years to come should be interesting if the ones that have already passed are any indication.

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