The Five Best Amy Schumer Movies of Her Career

Depending on how a person sees her Amy Shumer seems like the type of person that can be very polarizing when it comes to their reactions. She doesn’t often hold back her opinion since that’s a big part of who she is and what she does as a comedian and an actress. She had a bit of a rough time growing up but it’s kind come out in her attitude, which some people love and others tend to shy away from considering that she doesn’t mince words and probably shouldn’t since whether you like her or not she has the right to her opinion. Regardless of whether people think well or ill of her however she’s made quite the career for herself and has been seen as a very influential person throughout the years. Her presence has been uplifting to many and perhaps a little problematic to others, but she seems to thrive on every last interaction she has.

Here are a few of the best movies of her career thus far.

5. Trainwreck

This movie is definitely one of those that you see mirrored in reality as it begins with a father telling his two daughters that monogamy doesn’t work, something that sticks with them throughout their lives until Amy decides upon becoming an adult that she just doesn’t want to screw up a relationship, meaning she won’t get involved with anyone. When she and Aaron start getting serious however they’re both nervous and through a few blunders and fumbles they break up. Thankfully their friends set them straight and let them know that this is meant to be. It’s a touching movie really.

4. Thank You for Your Service

When men and women come back from active duty overseas they’re marked, there’s no other way to say it. You might not see it, they might not have a physical wound that can be healed or even noticed, but they carry a mark on them that won’t fade until the end of their days. Some of them bear deeper wounds than any doctor can heal, and these tend to manifest in ways that are scary to behold and utterly tragic since they can’t be healed away with a bit of relaxation and a return to civilian life. For some men and women there’s no real cure other than to die on the battlefield, or live with the things they’ve seen.

3. Seeking A Friend for the End of the World

A lot of end of the world shows tend to end with a lot of people surviving and someone usually outrunning or outlasting the apocalypse, but not this one. In this movie people are bound to do whatever they can, whatever they want, and anything that might make even a lick of sense before the world is struck by a giant asteroid that has the ability to wipe out life on earth. Dodge and Penny, after finding each other, start to spend a great deal of time together as they make their way to a man that Dodge has said can fly her back to England to see her family. In the end however they find each other again, and just before the world ends.

2. Snatched

It’s hard to believe that being kidnapped for ransom in any country is a thing but apparently it is. When both Emily and her mother Linda are kidnapped they are taken and then forced to escape as they go on a hair-raising trip through Ecuador’s jungles, doing their best to evade their kidnappers and to get to the US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia. The entire trip they are well aware that they’re in constant danger and are way out of their depth, but they keep going anyway and eventually Emily gets free, but has to eventually go back to save her mother with the help of those at the embassy.

1. I Feel Pretty

It is extremely important to be comfortable with who you are on the inside and the outside, but when Renee hits her head and begins to think that she’s an ideally-shaped woman she kind of goes overboard and begins to lose friends and her sense of self as she begins to fall into the idea that she is one of the very people that she was trying not to be like in the beginning. By the time she realizes this, meaning after she hits her head again, things have gone off the rails and she’s in dire need of a reality check. But once she becomes comfortable with herself and the way she looks she begins to push that idea towards her employers and remind them that no shape is inherently normal, and that it’s better to celebrate who you are than who you want to be.

Shumer is indeed a kind of unique person.


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