The Evil Dead Rise Trailer is Out: Let’s Talk About It

credit: Evil Dead Rise

The Evil Dead Rise trailer has dropped, let’s talk about it. Right away, the gore is indicative of the classic feel that these movies delivered early on. The initial feeling within the trailer is dread, just as one might expect. But as the trailer goes on, it’s very easy to see that this movie is seeking to elevate the horror. 

The Necronomicon is back, it would appear. Instead of a cabin located in the deep woods, though, this story will take place in a Los Angeles apartment. Just imagine a demonic entity and what kind of havoc will occur in a crowded city like LA. So far, it seems that the chaos will remain within the apartment. 

But honestly, the chance to spread the madness does feel like something that could happen. The Evil Dead movies have been kept out in the woods up until now. That kind of setting lends itself to the type of horror trope that many people happen to like. 

Bringing the horror to the city gives the feeling that things could explode in a much bigger way. But at the very least, this movie already looks like something that might cause some folks to leave the theater. In other words, it looks horrifying, which is what should happen. 

credit: Evil Dead Rise

The trailer does deliver several images that are familiar 

There are definitely a few images that tell people that this is an Evil Dead movie, even if it is a reboot. The fans of the Evil Dead franchise are bound to say quite a few things about this movie. But whether those comments are negative or positive is up to the manner in which the movie is received. 

Initially, it’s easy to state that this trailer looks impressive. It has the type of gore that people want to see, and the title alone is enough to get people excited. Unfortunately, that’s rather superficial since showing impressive scenes that can get attention is what will get people to the theater. Getting them to say something positive takes a little more. 

The trailer alone creates the kind of interest that might last until a person sits down in the theater. If this isn’t the best to come at this moment, then there’s a good reason to buy a ticket. 

It’s a big hope that this movie will tell a story

As goofy as the original Evil Dead movies were, they did tell a story. Even better, Bruce Campbell, aka Ash, told the story in a way that was comical and yet capable of scaring people that worked without fail. Of course, the original movies were ridiculous. That was kind of the point. 

So far this trailer makes it clear that humor is not the main point of the movie, at least from what is seen. The argument that the initial Evil Dead movie wasn’t meant as a comedy is easy since the first movie comes off as a seriously horrific tale. But the second movie injected a great deal of dark comedy into the story, as did its third addition, Army of Darkness. The remake that came before this movie was pure horror as well, and if people laughed, well, that’s their prerogative. 

credit: Evil Dead Rise

The move to LA is interesting

Horror doesn’t really require a specific setting unless it has that kind of specific need. But the Evil Dead movies were definitely scary out in the woods since the isolation was a big part of this idea. But bringing it into the city is a bold move since it has every chance to terrify the audience yet again. Thinking of how this could work is easy since horror can occur in the city as easily as it can in the backwoods. 

How far the evil is going to spread is a good question, though, since trying to take a trip across LA sounds tiring. Keeping it in the apartment that’s shown is also tough to think about since one thing that a lot of people realize is that neighbors are nosy. The kind of noise that this confrontation is going to raise would no doubt get the cops called. 

The insistence on a female lead is intriguing

If anyone remembers, the last remake had a female lead as well, and the men were seen as highly ineffective. Hopefully, this isn’t the case, and the female protagonist is more or less someone who can do the job. Making the point that female leads are desired is easy, but so is the idea that female leads fail. 

The desire to see a female lead is rather strong among a lot of people. The only thing to remember is that female leads need to lean away from the idea of stating that they’re stronger because they’re women. Instead, it’s a big hope that the female lead will be strong because she needs to be, period. 

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