The Details of Robert De Niro’s Discrimination and Harassment Lawsuit

So let’s get through the usual stuff and say that Robert De Niro is a great actor, he’s done wonderful things in film, yada yada blah blah blah. All the accolades one could heap on this actor are great and all, but throughout recent years he’s been showing his true colors as he’s been seen as more of a difficult and less than friendly individual. In front of the cameras he’s usually all smiles and pleasing behavior, well, a lot of the time, but it would seem that from one person’s perspective he’s anything but a joy to work for. As Bethany Guerrero of ScreenRant lists just what the grievance is that’s been levied against him by his former assistant however it’s kind of hard to really feel for the individual since she was accused of binge-watching Netflix while on the job and taking advantage of company perks such as air miles and Uber. It’s enough to make a person shake their head since honestly De Niro isn’t the nicest guy in the world unless you’re willing to treat him like the megastar that so many have made him into, but then again, the employee seems to have taken a great deal of advantage and is now trying to bring up allegations of sexual harassment and other charges.

It might sound like a broken record, but the allegations being levied against De Niro are a big part of the fallout from the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements that have been sweeping throughout Hollywood almost like a plague or a supposedly cleansing flame, rooting out those that are guilty of past transgressions that should have been brought to light a long time ago. The employee maintains that she was going to bring up these charges before quitting, and that De Niro refused to sign off on her resignation, but that still leaves the question of why she didn’t leave if she was unhappy where she was at. Of course the audio and article provided by Stephanie Pagones of Fox Business doesn’t make De Niro look that great. The whole idea of staying somewhere that you’re not happy is something that people back in the day actually did something about or simply weathered, which could be much more detrimental. Change is a hard and sometimes very hard thing to accept since it means breaking from what’s already been established as the norm and embarking on a new and unknown path that could end in disaster or something better depending on the habits that have been learned in the past. But in this case it would seem that the employee might have been better off taking De Niro to task years before instead of waiting until the current time when it now looks as though a lot of women that are coming forward with a grievance are doing so just to keep their names from being sullied.

De Niro admittedly has a long history of being difficult with costars and being something of a prima donna when on set, it’s an unfortunate side effect of being seen as such a great and valuable actor, which he proved a long time ago that he is. But age hasn’t been kind to his mental state since he’s been seen as more of a nuisance lately, speaking his mind fully anywhere he goes and losing whatever tact he had to begin with. As of now he’s swiftly becoming the grumpy old man that’s going to have his say no matter what anyone thinks or wants to say in return. That might not be such a bad thing to some folks but to those that believe he could handle things very differently it’s kind of an irritating moment anytime he’s seen on screen these days. As for his beef with his former employee it does sound as though they’re both being incredibly petty and quite childish since this is a matter that should be able to finished off rather quickly. It’s likely that her allegations that he spoke to her about his Viagra prescription (no judgment) and his young lady friend are all too real since it doesn’t seem as though De Niro is someone that really cares what other people think about what he says. But the problem with her charging him in this manner is that it looks petty, as though she’s trying to get back at him much as a child will when they don’t get their way.

Is it possible that the older we get the more we regress into our childhood ways if not checked at some point? The behavior of many in this world would seem to indicate as much, as there’s a very high correlation between the acts of children and the manner in which people treat one another these days. It’s true that such things have been ongoing for a long, long time, but it also rests on the shoulders of each generation to remind those around them that at some point we do grow up, and childish behavior needs to be left behind.

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