The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

The Cleaning Lady Season 1, Episode 9 ended with Thony getting arrested by the FBI after Garrett attempted to smuggle her across the Mexico border. Garrett was thrown off the case. Arman was forced to confront Hayak. However, he played coy and offered his boss the six million dollar gun deal in a last ditch effort to save his life. Fortunately, Thony is released from the slammer in The Cleaning Lady Season 1, Episode 10. The FBI is clearly done playing games with her. Thony’s freedom and Garrett’s job relies on her getting credible intel about this major gun deal that could put Arman away for a long time. All Thony ever cared about was protecting the people she loved and cared for, Arman was one of those people.

The only option left was to convince Arman to work with the FBI. Nadia wasn’t too pleased to see Thony when she came to the club to speak with Arman. Now that Luca had the life-saving surgery he needed, Nadia made it clear to Thony that her business with Arman was over. It was t that simple. When Thony and Arman saw each other for the first time after being separated they immediately embraced each other. You could tell that they were relieved to see each other. Thony informed I’m that the Feds were closing in. The only way to save them both was to set Hayak up. One way or the other Hayak had to go especially since he had attempted to kill Arman and Nadia just a days ago. Arman agrees to meet with the Feds.

The meeting between Garrett, Arman and Thony was tense to say the least. The two men despised each other. There was way too much tetesterone in the room. At first, Garrett wasn’t willing to consider no type of deal with Arman because he thought that he had killed Theo. But Thony confirmed that it was Hayak that pulled the trigger. Arman agreed to work  with the Feds and give them Hayak but he wouldn’t wear a wire testify against him.  In exchange, the Feds would leave Thony and him alone.

The deal Arman made with the Feds required him to  sell out the gun deal. In order to do that he would have to make sure the buyers were still on board. Nadia was angry when she found out that Arman negotiated their future with the cleaning lady and she didn’t like the fact that would be “snitching”. But she decided to still come along to convince the buyers to go through with the gun deal despite the fact they had somewhat disappeared on them when they were hiding out from Hayak.

Nadia was the star at the meeting with the buyers. She used her beauty, charm and her smarts to get them back on board. Arman offered them a small discount in exchange for a few bottles of the fuming rum that they manufacture. This episode showcased Nadia in a different light, she wasn’t just a beauty she also has brains. She was definitely a capable wife. With the buyers back on board, Arman concocted a plan of his own because he didn’t trust the FBI. He also didn’t want them to get his money. He told Thony that it was her turn to trust him and she did just that. Arman met with Hayak’s  daughter and finally revealed to her that Hayak was cleaning money through the hotel and advised her to protect herself.

Things went just as Arman planned thanks to Thony’s cooperation. When the buyers realized they were in the middle of a FBI ambush, they pulled their gun out and tried to kill Hayak but Arman saved his life earning lots of brownie points in the process. When the Feds intercepted the arms meeting just as Thony, Arman and Garrett had planned they found a suitcase full of rum instead of cash. Without an exchange of money they couldn’t put Arman or Hayak away for as long as they wanted too. However, they did secure the truck full of guns but most of the guys on the other side went down for that.

Not willing to take the fall for her father’s illegal activities, Isabel  ended up going to the Feds with the hotels books giving them everything they needed to convict her father. Arman was able to send Hayak away without snitching on him and earn some of his trust back in the process. The money for the gun deal was exchanged through cryptocurrency. Thony was able to get the flash drive containing the money out on time when Arman hid it on cleaning supply cart in the hallway when he was arrested.

Arman would be getting out soon and operating as the head of Hayak’s organization. He gave Thony money to start a business providing healthcare services to immigrants. Of course, Nadia got a cut but she made it clear to Thony that she was still just the help. Everything seemed to have worked out perfectly. For a moment, Thony felt like she was finally going to have a chance to have a small piece of happiness. That is until she came home and discovered that Marco had left and took Luca back home to their country. All of the hard work Thony out in to save Luca’s life, create a better future for him and now he was gone. That pain cut deep.

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