The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Liam Remember What Happened?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Liam Remember What Happened?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans saw that Wyatt was all about making big decisions last week, and one of the big decisions he felt good about making was his decision to move in with Flo. He only just made Sally move out, and how he’s moved on so quickly is really beyond us. We cannot imagine that Sally is feeling overly good about anything in the moment. But, we can see that there are probably a few things that make a bit more sense to her in some ways than they do in others. For the moment, however, we do think there is a chance we can see things happen in a way that doesn’t make us feel entirely like we cannot get any sort of control over it. We do think there is a good chance we can see that things will unfold in a way that is pleasant if we can get him to realize the truth about her.

Thomas is doing something wrong, wrong, wrong. He’s drugged Liam, and now he is using this situation to move on with Hope. He is not happy about this, but he is using it to his advantage. He cannot have Liam making choices for him that don’t give Thomas the hope he needs. He is worried that Liam is going to persuade Hope to give him another chance and to make their future bright again, and he cannot afford that. So, he’s drugged him and he’s given himself a chance to look like the man who is there for her and will always be there for her. It’s ugly, and we all know that it’s ugly. But, it is currently all we have in this moment. For now, though, we are just sitting here hoping that some things are better left unsaid and unhandled.

What’s Happening on the Bold and the Beautiful

He is cute.

What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

Liam is going to wake up and try to recall what happened to him. We know that Thomas drugged him to keep him from getting to Hope so that he could come in and look like he is the man who is someone she can trust and count on and Liam is not. But, will Liam remember what happened when he wakes up? Will he suspect that Thomas was the one responsible for his actions and what just happened to him? Or will he have no idea what is going on and how it is working in his favor? We aren’t sure how this will work in our lives, but we do know that there is something we can focus on in another realm of possibility, and that is the fact that some people figure things out on their own. He might not get it right now, but it will not take him long to realize what is going on in his life.

Meanwhile, Thomas tells his son that he is looking to the future in hopes of being with Hope. He will share with his son that he would like to marry her and make her his official new mommy, and we feel a little bit creeped out by all of it. This is a young child who doesn’t need to know this, and he doesn’t need a new mommy, and he doesn’t need to be part of this creepy plan. But, what about the things that are happening otherwise? Can he make sense of this, and will it work in his favor?

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