Bold and the Beautiful 2020 Predictions

Bold and the Beautiful fans are not sure how to focus on anything other than what is up right now, but we want to take a moment to look into the future. We obviously don’t know what the future holds, but we know that there is a new year just around the corner. There is a brand-new year in which we can only hope to see some clarity, some changes, and some big things happening, and we don’t know that we can see things otherwise without going into some detail about the things we are predicting. We think that some lives are going to change. Some people are not going to be happy. Something is going to break down, and some things will finally come to an end. Here is what we think we might see as the new year begins and the people of LA are given a new chance at celebrating a new life with one another.

Ridge and Shauna are Real

Brooke is not someone who gets to stay part of the Forrester family much longer. When Ridge is aware of her scheming behind his back against his son — again — there is nothing he will do faster than ditch her and move on with his own life. He’s been trying to make it clear to her for a very long while that this is not a situation he is comfortable with. It’s not one he wants her to continue to be involved in, and it’s not one he is good with. We cannot figure out what he is up to and why he feels that he can do this and make this happen, but we know that he has to focus on things outside of this. He is done with her.

Thomas Really Does Fall for Zoe

This would be a fabulous turn as Hope decides she falls for Thomas and leaves Liam and he then decides that this pretend romance with Zoe is real. What a fun situation that would be. Honestly, we are not even that mad about it, either. We are so over Hope and Liam. She is not right for him. She’s never been right for him, and they both know this. If she was right for him, he would never pick Steffy over here at all.

A Sally and Liam Hookup

Well, it’s not our favorite situation, but we do like that it means that there is nothing going on with him and Hope anymore. We don’t, however, care much for the fact that we don’t get to see him with Steffy or her with Wyatt, but we do hope that some things will turn back around and become a real thing before much longer. We are not going to give up on this hope, but we will take them going for a small fling of sorts of it means that Liam is not with Hope any longer. Do you see the positivity we have there? We are happy with it, and it works for us, but this is not what we are meant to live with in our lives otherwise. We like it, but we don’t love it.

Flo and Wyatt, Again

We cannot help but feel more than a little disappointed in this one. He is a man who has so much integrity. He is not like his family at all, and we are not sure why he is doing this to himself. He doesn’t want to be with Flo, and neither do fans. Fans want him to be with people such as Sally. What we cannot figure out is why he is so quick to forgive Flo for kidnapping his niece and selling her to Steffy and ruining so many lives while lying to his brother, but he cannot forgive Sally for one slip of the tongue? It’s not something that makes any sense to us, but we cannot stand Flo. Sorry, people who do like her, but she’s whiny, self-righteous, and she reminds us a bit of Hope. She can do all the things wrong and make all the mistakes, but she’s never wrong and she will never be to blame for her own behavior.

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