The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Can Hope Protect her Mother?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans actually enjoyed seeing Taylor confront Brooke this time around. That never happens, but she seemed to have something productive to say this time. And that does make us feel good. She’s not usually one who does have anything productive to say, so we were pleasantly surprised when she decided she would actually have something nice to say and that she would have something that might bring them together to put on the table. She doesn’t want her own daughter and Brooke’s daughter to go through the same cycle that they have been going through their own entire lives. Since they met, they’ve been enemies both trying to get Ridge to love them the most. They keep trading him off as a husband like it is their job, and that’s nothing that Taylor wants to see Hope and Steffy do with one another. She is concerned that they have turned into their mothers and that Liam is their own version of Ridge.

And we also know that Hope now knows the truth about Steffy’s mom and what happened with Bill, and we worry her strangely pointed moral compass will encourage her to say something. She’s someone who has a lot of morals and prides herself on that, but her morals are only present when it doesn’t relate to what she wants — unless that’s what she wants. They were, after all, mysteriously missing when she needed to break up the marriage of Liam and Steffy so she could have him all to herself even though Steffy was pregnant with his child. So there is that, and that’s something to keep in mind. She’s not someone who likes things to go badly, but she’s also not something who is good with leaving things if they do not support her wishes. So, this could be bad for Taylor.

What’s Happening on the Bold and the Beautiful

Those expressions though. We wish we knew what they were thinking looking at one another like this. It’s classic gold, and we love every second of their behavior.

What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

Things are going to take an ugly turn for a few people around here as the week comes to a close. Zoe is one of those people. Her father is going to show up, and she is not amused by this. But we all are since her father is being played by Wayne Brady himself. We love him, and this is good news. He’s here all of a sudden playing Zoe’s father, the established and intimidating Dr. Reese Buckingham. And she is not amused. Is there a chance she doesn’t know she’s decided to take a job as a lingerie model and now he is going to find out what she’s been up to for a while now? Or is there a chance that he might just be disappointed in what she’s really doing in town? We don’t know specifically what she’s upset about him coming home for, but we do know that she’s just not all that amused by any of it.

And then there is Hope, who now feels that she has to protect her mother. We don’t know what she thinks she has to protect her from, as there is nothing that we can see as an immediate threat to her except for her own actions. But then there is the fact that she now knows that Taylor shot Bill, so does she think that her mother is at risk? We don’t know, but this will not end well for her, and we are sure this is going to be a giant mess.

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