The Bold and the Beautiful Biggest Recasting Mistakes

The Bold and the Beautiful Biggest Recasting Mistakes

The Bold and the Beautiful Biggest Recasting Mistakes

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know that sometimes you have to recast a character for one reason or another. The original actor or actress left to pursue other roles. The character wasn’t working with one face. Someone got a new job. Someone got fired. Someone wasn’t working out in some way. There is something that happens all the time to these characters, and sometimes they need new faces. Sometimes, though, we bond with the people who are playing the roles we love, and that’s a thing. It’s hard to see someone else take over a role we love with someone we love in the role already, but it’s something we have to face and get accustomed to. We have little choice in the matter. However, we also have some options in life, too. We can go with it, hate it, or love it. Unfortunately, sometimes we just find recasting decisions to be less than stellar. Such as these, for example.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood at Steffy Forrester

You see, here is the thing. We love Steffy and the Wood. We love her and cannot see anyone else playing this role, but it was not always her role to play. Remember when she was a twin and had an identical sister? The role was always played by identical twins, and everyone loved that. But when they didn’t have one of a set of twins anymore, they brought on Wood to play Steffy. Then they tried to pretend that her twin was a fraternal twin and that they were never identical. And then that did not work. So, rather than keeping the original twin and Phoebe, they killed her off and got rid of her to leave the new Steffy on her own. Does it sound a bit strange to keep the new one instead of the long-standing one? Yes, but fans took to MacInnes Wood so much right away that they didn’t want to see the old actress in the role. It was just a thing.

Ingo Racemacher as Thorne Forrester

We reallyd id want to love him. We did. We wanted to see him take on this role and kill it, but he did not. He took over the role after Windsor Harmon was basically let go after all his legal troubles and all that stuff, but there is nothing else that worked. He was the man for so long, and fans loved him. Even a famous face such as Ingo wasn’t enough to reprise this role in a way that fans were on board with. In fact, there was nothing else going on that made this role seem like a good one. However, he did his best. He simply couldn’t bring it out. It was also hard for him because he was a famous face from another show for so long, and you cannot take on a new role that was already beloved with a man who came from another role that was already beloved. He’s just simply Jax from General Hospital. That’s where he belongs, where we want him, and where he needs to stay.

Mary Sheldon as Donna Logan

The problem is tha the first few actresses to play this role had it for so long and did so well. When Carrie Mitchum took on this role in the 80s, she was so good. She was beyond good. She was the role of Donna Logan. There was never a question that she was this role. It was her life. There was no one else who could take over this role in the way that she was so good at playing it. However, things sometimes change for those who have so many other things to do. She was taken over by an actress who did the job two times. Once for a short period of time in the early 2000s and then again another decade later. She just wasn’t good enough for it at the time, and she couldn’t keep it. Now we are watching as another actress plays the role, but she’s good enough for us with her off and on status. She’s not a regular anymore, so that makes a difference — at least we think so.

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