The Worst Bold and the Beautiful Couples of All Time

The Worst Bold and the Beautiful Couples of All Time

The Worst Bold and the Beautiful Couples of All Time

The Bold and the Beautiful fans love a good romance, and there are so many of them to choose from. Over the years, the people of LA have gone through their relationships like the rest of us go through our favorite pair of jeans. We are all about it for a few months, and then we wake up one day and forget why we ever loved them in the first place. But, that’s how we feel about things on the Bold and the Beautiful. They are good, and then they are not. We have to sit back, re-evaluate our feelings, and try to decide who makes a good couple and who does not. For example, while we certainly don’t feel that Flo and Wyatt are the worst couple, we don’t love them. We like him so much more with Sally (please, show, put them back together) but there are some couples who were so much worse than just bad. Maybe you agree with us, but maybe you have a difference of opinion. Either way, leave it in the comments so we know who you love to hate versus who we love to hate.

Wyatt and Steffy

This was hands-down one of the worst couples in the history of the show, which is funny to us because they are such good friends. She was never into him, but she was always into Liam. He might have fallen hard for her, but it was Quinn who made their marriage happen by kidnapping Liam and forcing their hands. It was not good, and it was almost painful. They had absolutely zero chemistry. They are so not good together, and they couldn’t even fake it long enough to make it seem like it might be a good idea. They were among the most painful of couples to try and watch as they worked through some issues like the fact that she was in love with his brother. It was such a bad idea, and we cannot believe the writers of this show allowed this to go on for so long. They are great friends, of course, and we like them that way, but they never should have spent any time being romantic. It was all kinds of wrong and weird.

Liam and Hope

We have a feeling that you might disagree with that. There is a lot that people feel is good about this couple, but we don’t. We don’t like Liam and Hope together though we do like them separately. They are both great people who we like very much, but not together. You see, we have a reason for this. Hope is, sorry to say, just a miserable person. Writers try so hard to make her seem like this positive, kind, lovely woman (not that we disagree with the fact that she is lovely and kind), but all we see when we see her is misery. She’s always been so unhappy because she’s never gotten what she wanted in life. She’s just not happy. She looks for the worst in everything, and she almost expects it. She finds a reason to be unhappy about everything. He is in love with Steffy. She is his soul mate, and we all know that. He likes Hope a lot, but we feel that his love for her is not passionate or forever. He might love her, but he’s not in love with her. He feels obligated to her because she is such a lovely woman. They don’t work for us, and we cannot apologize for that one.

Eric and Quinn

Will they just end their marriage already? They are so bad together. She’s so mean and so into herself, and he’s just too nice for her. She’s also become the epitome of boring, and that’s not fun for us. We think he need someone who is more like him rather than someone who is just his puppet. She did him wrong, and then he made it clear to her that he would not tolerate that — fine, we get that, she did make out with his son and all — but she literally changed her entire life to accommodate him, and now she is a boring doormat who brings absolutely nothing to the table. We want more.

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