The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: It’s Wedding Day

The Bold and the Beautiful fans get to see today as the start of a new beginning for Ridge and Brooke. It’s their wedding day. Well, it’s the start of their wedding day. We have a feeling their day might be several of our days, but today is the day it all begins. So far it’s all off to a good start for them, which is good news. But don’t worry — we fully expect something will go very wrong and someone will end up miserable, dead, or in dire need of assistance. It always works that way when someone gets married.

And now that we get to see things unfold, we might even get to see a few things we didn’t expect. Thorne, for example, has not been happy about this entire situation, and we know it. And we also know that he’s not in a good place with himself, either. Does this mean we get to see him make a mess of things and potentially upset his brother and his entire family? Or do we get to see him embarrass himself as he makes a fool or himself in front of everyone?

We aren’t sure but we do think it might happen. But then again, it might also be Steffy who makes a mess of everything with her current state and her father’s happiness. She’s making a mess of everything lately, so this might be another chance for her to do all the wrong things and make all the wrong mistakes.

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