The Best Uses of Peter Frampton Songs in Movies or TV

Ever notice how people way back in the day seemed to gravitate towards the arts in one way or another? It’s because they didn’t have the technological advances that a lot of us had growing up and while there were a lot of options as to what to do they tended to move in a direction that was inherently positive and led them to fame and fortune later on. Well, not all of them did, but Peter Frampton obviously did since he made his way into music at a young age and never really moved away from it. Throughout his career he’s been one of the more noted artists that people have flocked to and have discovered is responsible for several of the most popular hits that have endured throughout the years. So when anyone says that they’re listening to Frampton you can be sure that they’re listening to quality music.

Here are a few of his songs as heard on TV and in movies.

5. Uncle Ben’s Rice -Show Me the Way

A lot of the older songs from generations past have been showing up in TV for a while now and a few of them have been put to good use such as this one. The whole idea is that the father is the one showing the kid how to behave and what kind of lifestyle to choose, so it’s best to think that he should be leading by setting a good example. That being said some people might claim that it’s not the best representation of such a theme but in truth it’s about as good as it gets since as parents we want our kids to follow the kind of example that will keep them healthy, active, and capable of making good choices down the road.

4. The Simpsons – Do You Feel Like We Do?

For 30 years now the Simpsons have been entertaining the masses and for 30 years they’ve had one after another star performer as a guest on the show to some degree. Peter Frampton is just one of many but he was still given a special platform since he’s one of the most famous to ever come along and grace the cartoon for even a short amount of time. As oldies go he’s one of the best that’s come on the show even if he’s not the most memorable since the Simpsons are known for the revolving door effect when it comes to featuring stars that people are into at that time and want to see represented in the show.

3. Reality Bites – Baby I Love Your Way

This is one of those movies where you wonder why the woman doesn’t go with the professional who is successful and can treat her right only to realize that while he’s one of the best choices he’s also the worst choice. If a person stifles your creativity in any way then it’s time to step back and evaluate just what it is that makes you happy. While Troy wasn’t the best choice in the short run he was still the best choice when it came to love since he did feel sincerely about Lelaina even if he couldn’t express himself in such a way all the time. But when it comes to matters of the heart success is usually being happy even if you’re not successful.

2. High Fidelity – Baby I Love Your Way

Films about relationships tend to be messy things where one person usually seems to be in a very confused state as to which way they should turn. When it comes to movies such as this John Cusack seems to have a knack for playing such clueless characters since not only can he pull it off, but a lot of times he’ll stand there looking as though he’s not sure which way to turn. He’s a great actor and someone that doesn’t get enough credit for what he’s done, but at the same time he does kind of fit into a certain niche that doesn’t allow him to step out of it all that often, leaving him subject to star in films like this.

1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – Baby I Love Your Way

To be honest this movie wasn’t exactly conventional in its methods when it came to delivering on something that a lot of people thought had been settled when Alan Parrish finally won the game and set everything right. It did touch upon a few aspects of original movie which was nice, but it also kind of veered well away to become it’s own feature, which was even nicer. It updated itself in a way that was easy for viewers to understand and became a part of the current culture that a lot of audience members enjoyed. It did kind of play to the stereotypes but that seems to have been the point throughout most of the movie.

Peter Frampton is undeniably one of the best artists of his time and any other.

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