Freddie Mercury in 1958 Looks Like a Junior Austin Powers

Freddie Mercury will go down as one of the greatest rock legends of all-time.  His voice is something that you can never mistake for anyone else.  His stage presence was almost God-like.  Whenever you got to see Freddie Mercury live performing with Queen it was always one of the best days of your year.  However, I’m pretty sure that when you think of Freddie Mercury as a child, this is not the image you conjure up in your head.

That’s why when it surfaced I had to share it with you.  We all know that Freddie Mercury had a big mouth and that he had an overbite.  However, I just assumed he never got it worked on.  I was wrong.   His major overbite as an adult was after his overbite as child, which as you can see in 1958 was pretty excessive.

If you think this doesn’t look like a little Austin Powers then you are simply kidding yourself.  Again, I have the utmost respect for the career of Freddie Mercury.  He’s one of my favorite vocalists ever, but I’m sure that if Freddie were around today, even he’d be chuckling at this picture surfacing.

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