The Top Uses of The Commodores “Brick House” in Movies

The Top Uses of The Commodores “Brick House” in Movies

Tell me you don’t shake your hips to this song and sing along. As one of the more infectious sounds in all of music history this track is able to get most people of their seat and dancing or at least moving along to the feel of it. It’s been used in so many different TV shows and films in so many different ways that it’s hard to list them all with any real accuracy. Chances are though that you can personally list at least half a dozen if not more if you happen to like the song. If you haven’t heard it all then there’s always time to take a listen and find out just why so many people tend to find this track irresistible.

So here’s a few films, good and so-so, that Brick House has helped out.

5. Monkeybone

If you’d forgotten about this film or never knew about it in the first place don’t feel too bad. It’s not really one of Fraser’s best but it does have a small cult following. In truth it happens to be one of my favorites largely because it deals with a writer, or an artist anyway, that becomes so invested in his work that it eventually takes over his life, literally. Hilarity ensues when Monkeybone takes over the body of his creator following an accident that places the artist in a coma. From that point on Fraser has to find a way to get his body back and put Monkeybone where he belongs.

4. Gone in 60 Seconds

This is probably the weirdest rendition of Brick House, but it does count since it was an attempt. The fast-paced thrill ride starring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie sees them attempting to steal a massive amount of high-end cars in a single night. During one portion of the heist they find the need to “liberate” a number of cars from the police impound and have to send one of their number in to run interference. What’s disturbing is that during this simple reenactment of Brick House the officer behind the glass is actually watch the Barbie doll “dance”.

3. Swingers

I couldn’t really find a clip to show how this song is integrated into the movie, but it is in there. Despite all the womanizing and bar-hopping this is actually a story about a guy trying to get over his ex-girlfriend and flopping out in a big way with women as he tries to find that one link that will help him to stabilize his love life. Eventually he does wind up finding a woman that he can connect with, and she makes him all but forget his ex.

2. Undercover Brother

One stereotype after another pops up in this film but it seems to be okay since it’s not meant to be anything but a hilarious jab at anyone that might be offended. Undercover Brother is a silly film that is meant to be silly and that’s what makes it great. The shower scene in which the song appears is exciting to most men and obviously elicits a number of reactions from viewers. It’s simply fun though and not meant to be anything else, so it’s better to just kick back and relax and let the humor flow.

1. To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar

This is another film you might not have stored in your long-term memory, but it is definitely one that Brick House seems to be made for. Three drag queens are making their way across the US on a quest of their own choosing and eventually hole up in a small, very conservative-minded town. When their sense of style and flair begins to change the town from the inside out however they start to realize just who they are and why they are so important to one another.

Lists like this get a little difficult because there are so many great films to pick from. If you have any further suggestions please let me know and we can always make up a new list.

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