Post Malone’s $1.6 Million Diamond Teeth Transformation

Post Malone’s $1.6 Million Diamond Teeth Transformation

Born on July 4, 1995, Austin Richard Post, popularly known as Post Malone, has continually made waves in the music industry with his unique blend of hip-hop, pop, and rock. He’s a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and beyond. Known for chart-topping hits and a style that defies genre conventions, the Syracuse-born artist isn’t just creating headlines with his music. He does it in the most unique ways — from hanging out with leopards, getting unique tattoos, and making unique-style statements, to in 2021, getting a diamond teeth transformation.  

In 2021, Malone caught the the world’s attention with a rather unique teeth transformation — a decision that not only reflects his penchant for luxury and uniqueness but also raises many questions. Dive in as we explore the world of Post Malone and particularly, his diamond teeth transformation. What did he go through for the transformation and what intrigue has it sparked among fans and experts? Let’s find out. 

How Much Money Did Post Malone Spend on His Teeth?

Post Malone with a Cheetah

Post Malone took the art of dental accessorizing to a whole new level by spending a staggering $1.6 million on his teeth transformation. The singer set a new trend with a 12-carat smile which led experts to term this project unprecedented in its magnitude. Needless to say, Post Malone is the one person in the world to quite literally have a million-dollar smile. 

Why Did Post Malone Get Diamond Teeth?

Post Malone Posing for the Camera

Always one to defy conventions, Malone’s decision to get diamond teeth (6-carat fangs) is an extension of his unique brand of individualism. Dr. Thomas Connelly, the man behind the transformative work, captured it best by stating that the fang-like canines symbolize Malone’s essence. Secondly, the singer is just 25 years old and insanely successful. His decision to get diamond teeth is purely personal and commercial as the singer has to maintain his brand and stand out. 

The Dental Team Behind: Was It Safe for Post Malone to Have Diamond Teeth?

Post Malone with a Guitar

The mastermind behind Post Malone’s glinting transformation is Dr. Thomas Connelly, often dubbed as the father of diamond dentistry. Navigating the uncharted territory of implanting entire diamond teeth, Dr. Connelly and his team had to meticulously engineer the fangs. A paramount concern was the ability of the teeth to perform everyday functions without hindrance. Addressing this, Dr. Connelly confirmed that the diamond teeth are not just ornamental; they are fully functional and are “not going anywhere.” There was significant time spent on trial and error before the final masterpiece.

Breaking Down the Million+ Dollar Price Tag 

Post Malone on instagram

The dazzling smile came with a hefty price tag of $1.6 million. The primary cost driver? The excellent quality of diamonds used. As detailed by Dr. Thomas Connelly, these aren’t ordinary gems; they’re flawless diamonds known for their unparalleled brilliance. Samuel Tack from Angel City Jewelers further quantified their worth, revealing the teeth comprise roughly 12 carats in total. Another dentist and YouTuber, Dr. Gurs Sehmi revealed, “It’s an intricate work because each took is like a 6-carat diamond. But they had to get a 12-carat diamond and cut it down because the actual shape of the diamond wouldn’t be a good fit for the teeth.

What Do Fans and Dental Experts Think About Post Malone’s Diamond Teeth Transformation

Post Malone showing off his fit

The initial response from his direct fans was relatively positive and in the singer’s favor but overall public reaction to Post Malone’s diamond teeth transformation has primarily been negative. With comments ranging from, “cringe-worthy,” “why would a person do something like that,” and more. However, many dentists, including Dr. Sehmi advised people to understand that the process was completely safe and done by one of the most capable dentists out there. 

Secondly, he advised people to understand Malone’s point of view. “He is an insanely successful singer in the prime of his life at 25 years old and he had to stand out. And so he did in his own unique way,” Dr. Semi said. Dental experts, generally, viewed it as a groundbreaking venture in the world of cosmetic dentistry. This breakthrough on such a big level became a testament to a new world of possibilities in terms of both aesthetics and functionality in dentistry.  

Did Post Malone Later Lose One of His Diamond Teeth?

Post Malone with Gwen Stefani

You know what they say — with great diamonds come great chances of your diamond fang slipping down the sewer in a bathroom. As reported by Esquire, while enjoying Chicken McNuggets in Rome, Post Malone faced a startling mishap and lost one of his diamonds for a bit. One of his diamond teeth, valued at $600,000, got dislodged and fell into a sewer drain. But, the rapper cleverly retrieved it right away using pliers and a plastic tripod from a pizza box. The good news is, the diamond was recovered and soon after, a local Roman dentist re-embedded the diamond in his tooth. This unforgettable incident inspired the title of his 2022 album, Twelve Carat Toothache.

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