The Best Uses of Kid Rock Songs in Movies or TV

Anyone remember when Kid Rock’s career really took off and he started jumping around on stage and using his hard-hitting, gravelly voice to push his albums? It worked in a way that wasn’t unheard of and managed to get him the kind of fame that some guys only dream of, and then throughout his career he kind of hit a few high and low spots as he would come out with a hit single now and again while still keeping a lot of fans while having to watch some drop off occasionally. Honestly though he was one of the most raw and unapologetic individuals when he got going, and that was a big part of his persona that allowed him to get so big so fast and still ride that tidal wave of success to where he’s currently at. He’s changed quite a bit since he first entered the scene, but he’s still Kid Rock and he’s still an icon no matter where he goes or what he does.

Here are some of the best uses of a couple of his songs in movies and TV.

5. The Fast and the Furious – Bawitdaba

It’s kind of funny to think that Fast and Furious fans thought that this movie was completely unrelated to the franchise, because as far as anyone was concerned it might as well have been until the very last scene in which we see Dom show up ready to race and without a care in the world that it’s all about drifting and not about speed. That finally got some people on board with the idea that this was a clever diversion from the original movie and was something that would end up being useful as the franchise continued. Plus, there were some impressive racing scenes in the movie that kind of allowed people to forgive some of the acting.

4. Royal Rumble – Cocky

Even despite being on the tail end of the Attitude Era, Kid Rock managed to get in on the action just in time to take advantage of the ongoing emotions in the WWE that allowed for the most brash and aggressive kind of songs that could be used in a variety of ways. Cocky was something that people picked up on for a while and then kind of let fade as the Attitude Era came to an end and the WWE started to calm itself down, readying itself for another shift in the company as things began to change with each passing show. During the Attitude Era though things got absolutely crazy and there seemed to be few limits that the show would respect.

3. The Simpsons – Bawitdaba

If you made up a list of all the celebrities that have been featured on The Simpsons then you might be reading for a while since the show has made use of a large number of folks that come from every walk of life. Kid Rock was just another one of them that had a huge impact since he was so popular at the time and was seen as one of the more edgy performers that was bound to make people sit up and pay attention. His entire show at times was meant to provoke people and spike the adrenaline of the audience and it was enough that people would pay top dollar to go see him, or actually cheer when they saw him on certain shows.

2. Coyote Ugly – Cowboy

This would be THE bar to go to if you had the inclination or were a single male that just wanted to see a good show. Granted, throughout the movie you see men and women enjoying themselves and mixing it up in the place without any real trouble, so you could imagine that this would be a place that you’d go to whether you were single or not. In fact the atmosphere might have been a little rougher than some bars but at the same time it was a lot more free and casual. You could come in, order a drink, and just enjoy the show that was put on so long as you didn’t cause any trouble.

1. Ready to Rumble – Bawitdaba

Admittedly this song is the one that draws the most attention since it was one of Rock’s first big hits and was the one that really got to people since the entire way through it’s nothing but sheer adrenaline that allows people to feel the verve and the need to flex and puff themselves up. That adrenaline high is hard to resist since it gives one a heady feeling of power, authority in some cases, and a need to just stand up and proclaim “I am!”. Yeah, it’s that powerful and that easy to lose yourself in a song like this. Of course then you’ve got to come back down eventually, but so long as you can enjoy yourself while the song’s playing it’s worth it.

He might be into country music at this point and getting older, but he’s still awesome.

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