The Best Uses of Julia Michaels Songs in Movies or TV

Julia Michaels is one of the few that you might hear about who went from songwriting to singing after she decided to step out from behind the scenes to finally put her voice to her own music. If you never knew that singers didn’t write their own material at times then it might be time to take a closer look since quite honestly a lot of musicians tend to accept lyrics and entire songs from other sources when they either can’t come up with their own or they need a hook that just isn’t coming with their own efforts. Songwriters are, a lot of times, bound to sing their own songs and become a sensation all on their own. But there are still a lot of people out there that need help with the writing at times and then there are people like Julia that are primed and ready to deliver a song that can rock a person’s world when they perform it.

Here are a few songs she’s written and some she’s performed that were featured in movies and on TV.

5. Uncle Drew – Us

Pride is on the line when Dax recruits Uncle Drew and his old crew in order to win a basketball game that he no longer has a team for. While there’s a lot of shady stuff going on during the movie it’s the kind of film that you watch since you want to see a character like Mookie finally take a fall despite the fact that he’s not all the great to begin with. It’s not so much a chance to see a ‘bad guy’ humiliated, but more or less a chance to see someone be taught a lesson that treating people right is a whole lot better than keeping them down for so long. Plus, the chance to see some of these guys on the court is just too great to miss.

4. Fifty Shades Freed – Heaven

The evolution of the Gray’s is something that a lot of people seem to think was going to get better and better as the movies went on, and can hopefully tell by now isn’t going to be everything the books promised. After all in the books there’s a lot more room for imagination to take hold, while in the movie they kind of have to go by what’s acceptable and what will work for the censors rather than what people really want to see. By the third movie however everything has been handled, or at least people thought it was, between all the parties involved, but once again there’s always going to be someone that’s rubbed the wrong way by the Gray’s.

3. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon-Issues

Without a doubt this is one of the greatest songs she’s come out with since it does speak to a lot of people and is easy to relate to in terms of how life goes from time to time. Everyone’s got issues at one point or another in their life, no matter how great or how minimal they might be. The trick is to find out what the issues are, why you have them, and what can possibly be done in order to alleviate them so that a person can get on with their life from that point. Of course some people seem to hold on to their issues as a means of security that doesn’t make sense to others but is still very noticeable.

2. Julia Michaels – Born to Party

This is about as perfect a song for Shameless as there could ever be since if there’s one thing that the Gallagher clan loves to do besides break the law, it’s party. Sometimes they break the law while partying, so it’s really hard to distinguish every now and then just which one they love the most. What keeps this family together or even on speaking terms at times is hard to tell since over the course of the show they’ve done some seriously terrible things to each other and yet they’ve still acknowledged each other as family after a while. How it happens is hard to explain, but family is family no matter what apparently.

1. Ralph Breaks the Internet – In This Place

Ralph and Vanellope are back in another adventure, only this time it’s to do more than just save Sugar Rush, it’s to make sure that Vanellope has a place should her game be taken out of the arcade altogether. It’s not about a virus this time when her game breaks and the replacement part is no longer available. It’s about finding a place she can remain safe and sound in the internet, a place where someone like Ralph can do way too much damage. When push comes to shove however he has to admit that he’s being selfish about losing her, and eventually he has to let her go. Thankfully though they still remain friends by the end.

It’s kind of a wonder why Julia didn’t step out and sing earlier, but it’s a good thing she did.

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