Niall Stenson Covers Every Power Rangers Opening Theme

If you were growing up in the 90s then you remember the Power Rangers theme and, if you followed them from their inception and forward, you’ll likely recognize how Niall Stenson is able to nail each theme without any hesitation. For a lot of us the original Power Rangers were about the best and the only ones that we really paid attention to, but to be fair, a lot of people stuck with the group for a long time, even when it felt like it was getting a bit silly. One can argue that it was always silly since the whole production was a bit off-kilter at times and featured ideas that today make us laugh and wonder how in the world we ever liked the show, to begin with. Well, that part is easy at least, we were kids and we thought it was cool since we were still into the idea of big robots and rubberized monsters that would tread all over an obviously fake cityscape in an epic clash that was really more like two individuals in bulky suits swiping at each other as well as they could. When you take a look back at the show you can get the sense that the mobility of each individual wasn’t all that great once they put the suit on, especially since there were suits that didn’t offer a lot in the way of visibility or maneuverability. It’s kind of easy to figure the director just told them to fight and move about as best they could in order to get the best shot possible, and that’s how the fights ended up.

Plus, one should figure that the whole story behind the Power Rangers is kind of suspect since it’s easy to wonder just where the parents of these teens were and why they weren’t more concerned when their kids kept disappearing now and again without any reasonable excuse that could be mustered. Plus, if one of them had happened to be killed, how in the world would anyone have explained it? Five teens being killed while fighting off intergalactic monsters would be an odd headline, to say the least, but learning that they were chosen warriors that had been selected to take on such a huge responsibility would be even more confusing, and likely more traumatic. But as a show it was a lot of fun even if it was easy to point out every little fault there was to be had. Kids still enjoy the Power Rangers, but as you can imagine, the difference between the show now and then is like night and day.

Something about the show keeps pulling people in though and has made it into something that fans still love after all these years, and the theme music is distinctive enough that a lot of fans can differentiate between one show and the other. There are still plenty of people that get excited when they hear the music hit and many fans are still up on whatever Power Rangers project might be coming next. Admittedly there are quite a few that didn’t think that the last incarnation on the big screen was all that great, but from a special effects standpoint it was fairly well done and there wasn’t a lot of room to complain when comparing it with the show or any of the other movies that have been made featuring the Power Rangers. Hopefully, another movie will be coming down the pipeline eventually to give fans another thrill in order to keep them interested. The Power Rangers are a group that tends to come and go when discussing their popularity since they get extremely popular at certain points and then kind of fade back at others. When there’s a movie coming out then one can reasonably assume that they’re going to be seen as prominent in pop culture once again, but until then they’re still there, but it’s not likely that they’re going to be fully celebrated by everyone. What is apparent though is that there are a lot of diehard fans, which is impressive since the fanbase has changed quite a bit through the years as tends to happen given that people grow up and take on other interests that don’t leave a lot of room or time for the same things they enjoyed as kids.

But one thing is pretty evident, and that’s the fact that hearing the music is bound to make a lot of people grin or smile in remembrance since they can recall when they would get excited about the Power Rangers and would sit down to watch the show, no matter how corny it was. For what it was, the show was entertaining and it was something that kept our attention. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

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