The Five Best New Edition Songs of All-Time

The Five Best New Edition Songs of All-Time

New Edition was one of the early boy bands that was created in mind with being the next big thing after the Jackson 5, and for the most part they were pretty successful throughout their run. They did break up a couple of times during their career but managed to get back together and are even still together, more or less, in the current day. In terms of whether or not they’re remembered it’s hard to say since that all depends on just who listened to what back in the day. But considering that their run really started in the 80s it seems fair to state that with so much competition for attention back then that it was hard for them to really get a foothold and make anything happen that people might have remembered from that time. Still, they did manage to become successful in their time.

Here are some of their best songs.

5. Candy Girl

A lot of us can easily recall this song since it was one of the most popular of the time and it’s still heard now and again today. The boy bands back in the day weren’t quite the cookie cutter groups they came to be in the 90s but you can see where a lot of the inspiration came from since the choreography was there and while it was still pretty basic compared to what it became, it was impressive. It’s fair to say the subject matter back in the day was kind of edgy at times but it also seems that it might have been seen as cute and endearing as well since let’s face it, adults tend to smile when a lot of kids act like this. At least they used to.

4. Mr. Telephone Man

This is another song that got them a lot of attention as throughout their careers they had to evolve and eventually do something that wasn’t just cute and geared towards their youth. The choreography got a little better, the music changed just enough to give them a more updated sound, and the shows in general were designed to give them plenty of flash and pizzazz so as to make them a little more attractive to those watching. You can imagine however that the band and their manager were watching the trends and seeing just what it took to keep up with the trends that were coming.

3. Cool It Now

One thing about musicians is that they do seem to attract the opposite sex on a regular basis. It’s not a myth since if you ever make your way to a concert featuring a boy band or even a male singer then you’ll instantly notice that there’s a huge number of female attendees that are starry-eyed and fully in love with the performers. This is a fact that’s been seen more than once throughout the history of music and no matter how one person might view a singer, as in thinking that their voice an act isn’t that great, there will almost always be a dozen or more fans that are ready to leap to their defense and prove that they’re completely infatuated by talking down any detractors.

2. If It Isn’t Love

Here’s where being part of a boy band starts to wear on the band members, when they start to grow up and have to continually change in order to stay on top of their game. A lot of their fans might still be willing to hang around, and their sound might still be good enough to keep them afloat, but the challenges that continue to build up are enough that what made them popular in the past isn’t going to be enough to bring them back to the same level. New Edition has done a great deal of hard work to remain where they’re at and it’s admirable to be certain, but in the same breath it’s also not quite enough to compete at the same level any longer. Sad but true.

1. Can You Stand the Rain

Before anyone decides to stand up and play defense of the band it’s fair to say that they’re not competing on the same level since they’ve stuck true to their original sound for the most part and evolved just enough to show that they have what it takes to grow up if not expand outward. They still have a great sound, there’s no denying this, but they’re a concept that was rooted in the 80s and no matter what anyone wants to say there’s still a stigma attached to this that says they’re old, outdated, and possibly way past their prime. They’ve still got it, they can still perform without difficulty, but they’ve also reached the point in their careers where they’re classics and can’t always compete for the top spot.

With that in mind it’s easy to say that they’ve endured the years in a way that has kept them where they need to be, doing what they care about and staying up when they need to.

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