The Best Uses of Genesis Songs in Movies or TV

Some folks might remember a Genesis that predated Phil Collins, who became the band’s frontman when he came on the scene and eventually became the only face that a lot of people knew when speaking of Genesis. But throughout their career their lineup changed a couple of times as the original members either moved on and came back or just stayed away. They did try to form a reunion at one point but by 2007 they were pretty well done. Their music has managed to live on however as they produced some of the greatest songs that have ever been known and in fact it’s possible to still hear a lot of them today. But honestly and truly there are a lot of folks that will remember Genesis as a three-man group rather than the bigger group that started it all. Thankfully it’s easy enough to look up their history.

Here are a few of their songs as heard in movies and TV.

5. Genesis – I Can’t Dance

Long live the music video. These were great back in the day since they told a short story and delivered great songs at the same time while allowing the viewer to enjoy the marriage between storytelling and music. Some videos didn’t have much to them since they were just the band singing and playing their music on a background that didn’t much of anything. But Genesis managed to tell the story of what was going on or at least entertain people while they were singing. In many ways this helps to maintain the memory of what we see when we can attribute the music to an image or series of images that we can easily recall.

4. American Dad! – Invisible Touch

There is something so inherently messed up with this show that it kind of defies easy description at first and then simply begs for someone to say something. That it’s funny is without a doubt, but some of the content definitely seems vanilla enough to let pass, while other parts of it might make your eyes bug out and force you wonder just what in the hell you’re watching. When equating this to the Simpson and Family Guy it certainly goes off the rails more than the Simpsons but might be on par with Family Guy since the content is just as crazy and the average weird stuff is about the same in many cases.

3. Genesis – Land of Confusion

Hands up, who’s seen this video in the past and been slightly traumatized by it? If a few of you raised your hands then you’re being honest at least since this was one of the creepiest videos to ever come out and without bias or prejudice it still is. The puppets in this video are just horrific and look like something that might have come out of a sculptor’s nightmare. The song is great and the video moves along fairly well with a great deal of imagery that you have think about to really make heads or tails of, but overall the effect is enough to make many people cringe and wonder why they couldn’t look away.

2. American Psycho – In Too Deep

In too deep sounds like a dangerous and very euphemistic phrase for a movie like this. As you probably already know Bateman is a certified psychopath and loves to bring women back to his apartment to get his freak on in a very strange sense. How many other guys have you seen running around in a movie, naked no less, with a running chainsaw as they’re attempting to cut down a helpless prostitute? Yeah, not even Leatherface can claim that one entirely can he? Bateman is simply a scary guy that doesn’t really know if what he’s done is real or not but gets a thrill out of doing it all the same.

1. The Hangover – In the Air Tonight

OK, this one was Phil Collins but it couldn’t be left out since it was just too good. Plus the idea of Mike Tyson being in a movie where he gets to knock someone to the ground is the kind of movie that you know is going to be insanely funny or turned into a lesson of some sort. In this movie it’s the former thankfully as the guys go on a bender the night before and can’t remember a single thing that happened. When they watch the footage of when they visited Tyson’s estate however they find out that not only did they steal a tiger from his place, but they peed in his pool as well, which is most likely why he decked Alan first. At least that seems like the best reason.

The band’s songs have been used for a lot more than can be found on some sites, but being uncredited or barely remembered at times is kind of a drag since it limits their scope.

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