The Best Uses of Dierks Bentley Songs in Movies or TV

Dierks Bentley almost feels as though he came out of nowhere even though that’s not the case. With as many new musicians as one can see coming out every year it’s possible to lose track of a few here and there and it kind of seems that in terms of being noticed by everyone he’s fallen through the cracks. But in terms of being noticed for his achievements he’s hard to miss since he’s come out with a large number of singles that have been placed in high regard and have earned him a great deal of fame. His voice has been heard on the radio and in movies and TV alike since several of his songs have been deemed as more than good enough to be featured in several different projects throughout his time in the industry. While some folks might not know of the man all that well it’s likely that hearing a couple of his songs would jog their memory very quickly.

Here are a few of his songs as used in movies and TV.

5. Dierks Bentley – Burning Man

This song has actually been used in a few different venues such as The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, but finding those episodes sometimes proves troubling and it’s enough to know that he was there without a doubt. After all going on talk shows is a big step up for a lot of singers and allows them to sing their songs in front of crowd of millions if one is going to count the people that watch said shows. Being invited to perform on these shows is something that helps the programs as well as the artist since it gives the TV shows something to entertain the audience and the artist a way to push their songs to that same audience.

4. White House performance – Home

In a way it wouldn’t really matter who the president was at that time, simply being able to go to the White House and perform would be a heady experience for many a singer. The atmosphere would no doubt be a little tense and the whole idea of being able to perform in front of those that run the country would be something that might unnerve a lot of people. But being that this is show business a lot of artists would no doubt suck it up and perform the best they could since in reality it doesn’t matter who it’s for, it’s just another show and every artist wants to make it one of their best.

3. Jimmy Kimmel Live! – Woman Amen

Does anyone remember when Jimmy Kimmel was still on the Man Show? It was a crude and rude kind of program that catered to the more ‘manly’ aspects of men and kind of stuck out like a sore thumb among the other shows on TV since it really fed into the stereotypes about men. It was funny though, and it was classic in a way that is hard to replace. His current show however is something that is still insanely funny at times but has become a lot more serious at times as he doesn’t shy away from some of the harder things to talk about, and is definitely possessed of a political lean on the show.

2. Dierks Bentley – Lots Of Leavin’ Left To Do

This is another song that’s featured in a few different spots but seems to be elusive unless you’re looking for the video. It’s a little bit surprising that Dierks would have only so many soundtrack credits since he’s a huge star and has sold millions of albums. But then again you’ve got to realize that no matter how famous one gets the decision on where to market their music and what to attach it to isn’t always going to go by what fans want. The artists have to think of where it’s going to have the most impact and then they still have to think about whether they want it to go anywhere else or not.

1. Only the Brave – Hold the Light

Fire and Rescue is not an easy job and not for the faint of heart. When Brendan joins the Granite Mountain Hotshots he finally finds a purpose in his life that he didn’t have before, but he also finds out that it’s insanely dangerous and could end up killing him. Even after arguing with the mother of his child however he still finds it necessary to continue, as this job gives him a sense of well-defined purpose that allows him to stay off of drugs and come home to his family when the day is done. When a wildfire burns out of control however he’s evacuated by another team after being trapped, and only later on learns that the other team are all dead. It’s not an easy job, and not everyone can do it.

Dierks Bentley does manage to pull on the old heartstrings with his music.

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