The Amazing Race Season 26 Episode 3 Review: “#MurphysLaw”

The Amazing Race

Last night’s episode of The Amazing Race took the teams to Thailand, where they got to experience the culture of the city. Between water skiing, ziplining, and cabaret dancing, Thailand had a lot to offer as the blind couples grew closer (or further apart in some cases) and the established couples started figuring out how to work together.

For the New Kid On the Block team, consisting of Harley and Jonathan, this leg of the race started out slowly. Some bad luck landed them on a flight that left the morning after all the other teams arrived. They didn’t let this discourage them, as they persevered and didn’t let their fear of heights or their late start get to them. With the added benefit that the other teams didn’t officially start the leg of the race until the morning, things were looking up for them. However, despite their best efforts and a mishap for dating couple Matt and Ashley, who had forgotten their fanny pack at the cabaret, Harley and Jonathan were the last team to make it to the Pit Stop. Fortunately, it was a non-elimination round and they will live to see another leg of the race.

As the competition continues, it’s been fun to see how the blind date couples have fared. Some, such as Bergen and Kurt, have written off romance completely, deciding to focus on the race and remain friends. Others, like Tyler and Laura and Jelani and Jenny, aren’t yet at the point that they want to consider a romantic relationship, leaving the possibility open but more concerned about the million dollars at this point. Jeff and Jackie seem to be the most into each other romantically, and it would not be surprising to see sparks fly sometime in the next few weeks for those two. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Hayley and Blair who, despite a second place finish in this week’s leg, have major issues with communication. Their clear frustration with each other does not bode well for romance.

Marking the first time it’s happened this season, it was an established couple who won this leg of the race. Winning themselves a trip to Prague, Mike and Rochelle looked good during this leg, having fun and keeping positive. Not to mention how good Mike looked as a cabaret dancer. Rochelle has made it clear that she’s careful about introducing boyfriends to her daughter, but if Mike keeps this up, he should have an invitation coming soon.

The real excitement didn’t come until the end of the episode, though, when Matt got down on one knee and proposed to Ashley. In front of Phil and many of the other couples, Matt’s proposal was heartfelt and sweet, bringing tears to the eyes of those watching. Bergen and Kurt gave up their date night (which honestly would have been awkward considering they have no romantic interest in each other) to Matt and Ashley so that they could bask in their engagement. The proposal put things into perspective for both the blind date and established couples, as they took a moment to simply celebrate love.

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