That Actor Whose Name You Don’t Know: Matthew Glave

That Actor Whose Name You Don’t Know: Matthew Glave

There are some actors out there that just have a certain look that one can’t help but think makes them uniquely suited for one role or another. Matthew Glave is one of those that you can’t help but think is suited for the role of the arrogant jerk who thinks that he’s God’s gift to women and unaware that he’s kind of a tool. He has played several roles that are a little more positive than others, but there’s one that a lot of people are bound to remember since he was one of the worst characters in the entire movie. If you’re thinking of Glenn Gulia from The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore then two points to you, since this character is hard to forget since Glenn was undoubtedly one of the most detestable characters in this movie since he knew exactly what he was doing, he knew it was wrong, and he didn’t care. He was what a lot of people would have said was the epitome of the Don Johnson-80s-wannabe that thought he was slick and too good at what he did to ever get caught. The only thing is that a lot of guys tend to recognize a huckster for who and what they are, and Robbie figured Glenn out pretty quickly in the movie, since Glenn didn’t really hide who he was, and Julia, played by Barrymore, appeared more than ready to forgive quite a bit in order to have the handsome man of her dreams and a life that society felt was acceptable.

The fun part of the movie was that Glenn did finally get his comeuppance when he was shoved into an airplane bathroom while Robbie and Julia finally expressed their love for each other. Anyone feeling sorry for Glenn must have been thinking that cheating on your fiance and acting like an arrogant jerk was okay, but it does feel as though Matthew might have taken a bit of heat for this role since some folks can’t separate a character from the actor that easily. The fact is that he did create a perfect sleazeball that people could hate, but from what’s been seen he can play someone that’s easy to like and appreciate as well, becoming a likable character that folks would actually want to be around. It’s hard to think of why some actors don’t end up being picked up for bigger roles as they go along, but there are likely several factors that go into the process of deciding who to push and who to leave where they’re at. Unless the average person knows what’s going on and see just what others are talking about when talking up one group of actors over another, it’s likely that they’ll continue to lack understanding, and that they’ll become frustrated or just let it go.

In Matthew’s case, it would appear that a lot of people have simply let it go since it’s not worth getting that worked up over someone else’s career when there’s nothing a person can do and nothing that the person might take note of in the first place. To be fair, Matthew’s resume makes it obvious that he’s been keeping a steady career over the years and has been able to find roles here and there without too many issues. The best thing about playing a bad guy that people absolutely hate is that it shows that an actor can be convincing no matter if people are ready to actively hate them for the actions of their characters. One might think that it’s difficult to play such horrible characters, and it could be since some people get pretty nuts. But one has to remember that it doesn’t matter sometimes what the fans think, an actor is bound to take whatever role they need to in order to get that next paycheck. We can sit here and say whatever we want about actors, and we generally do since gossip and rumor are tradable commodities in show business, but the truth of it is that they’re working stiffs, and some of them, such as Matthew, are those that really do need to work a little harder to get what they want. Those on Matthew’s level are the actors that tend to need to take whatever they can get at times in order to make ends meet and keep up the lifestyle they might have grown accustomed to, no matter if their pride and dignity take a bit of a hit. The best part is they still have the option to say no, they don’t want a role, but depending on what it is they could be losing out on a big payday that they can’t always afford to refuse. As of now though it does sound as though Matthew is doing just fine and is still quite active.

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