That 90s Show is Happening: Really?

It does appear to be happening, and a lot of people are bound to be on board with it. The only thing, why the 90s? So many people appear to have a love affair going with the 90s at the moment that it’s very easy to think that there are plenty who would like to go back and experience the decade all over again. What’s funny about that however is the fact that like it or not, the 90s, as a decade, was kind of an awkward and very visceral time. It could be that those in charge might be thinking that the 90s set the tone for what would come later, as many decades before now have done, or it could be that the fashion, the music, the movies, and everything that went into this decade could be alluring if it were turned into a show. Looking backward to enjoy the decades that came before used to be considered kind of lame by a lot of people simply because it meant that people weren’t willing to look forward. 

But the fact that Netflix is bringing this show to the forefront kind of indicates that looking back is still a popular thing to do, and this particular decade is still a fond memory for some folks. Like a lot of people that grew up in the 80s and 90s, I can recall those decades quite well and to be fair, they weren’t horrible, but they did feel like transition phases that the world was enduring while it waited for the 21st century to show up. The 90s brought forth a great deal of change, some positive, and some negative, but all of it was important to move forward, and laughter was, as always, necessary to get by at times. That’s a part of why this show is bound to be worth a look at least, but thinking that a good number of the stars that made the initial show possible will return is kind of interesting since seeing Red as a grandfather, which is the plan apparently, will be intriguing since one has to wonder if he’s going to turn into a big teddy bear around a grandchild or if he’s going to give them just as much hell as his own kid. 

My money is on the former, but it’s money that might be quickly lost since making Red out to be anyone other than who he’s been doesn’t sound like a great idea. But hey, things happen. It does sound as though there’s at least a halfway decent chance that several of the main stars will return if they can find time in their schedules to make it work. Eric and Donna would be interesting characters to see return, no matter that there have been a couple of theories concerning Eric that were kind of dark but work talking about. Fez and Jackie could still be a couple, and since Kelso and Brooke had a child it’s fair to say that if they do show up that they’ll be connected in at least one way. As far as anyone else it’s kind of up for grabs to see who will show up, though Hyde likely won’t be there since Danny Masterson has been dealing with sexual misconduct charges for a while and it’s not likely that many people are going to want to see him back after such a scandal. 

There was an attempt made at That 80s Show years back and it tanked horribly since it didn’t last long at all. But perhaps it was due to the idea that the main characters of That 70s Show didn’t appear on the spinoff, meaning it didn’t feel connected or in any way related to the original program. That might have been a blessing and a curse at the same time since keeping things too similar can create a stale and uninteresting project that might be DOA before it’s ever released. That 90s Show has the benefit of bringing back characters that people are already used to and who they happen to like and will sit down to watch without feeling the need to invest any further in the characters and the world they live in. 

With this show, the audience would already know the actors and would likely be ready to recap what has happened to everyone in the last decade or so, and will no doubt want to know what the kids are going to be like. Just imagine if Eric and Donna’s daughter is more like Donna but has a tendency to still cause Red to flip his lid as he did in the original show. That would be quite funny, to be honest, and it’s one reason why a lot of people will want to see this show. 

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