Terrifying 80s Cartoons That Would Never Work Today

If you grew up in the 1980s, then you will no doubt remember the array of shaky animations of the era. Although there are many fine examples of cartoons from this decade, including some which are still going today, there are also many examples of terrible cartoons. Some cartoons from the 1980s were such a big hit that they were revamped for the current generation of children and teens making them relevant to modern life. However, there are some that should remain a distant memory from the 80s and never make a return. Here are five examples of terrifying cartoons that would never work today.

1. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-Man is one of the most iconic cartoon figures of the 1980s. However, as a child, you probably didn’t notice some of the inappropriate themes running through the cartoon. One example of this is homoeroticism that is evident in the world of Eternia. During the naivety of the 1980s, some of the undertones may not have seemed obvious but the worldly wise children of today would most probably mock the cartoon.

2. Thundercats

‘Thundercats’ was a weird combination of different themes. The main characters were feline-humanoids that rode in spaceships and carried around magic swords. Some of the storylines were also a little bizarre, to say the least. There were tales about the dangers of underage drinking and strange anti-drug themes on some shows. The lack of clothing worn by the characters also makes this cartoon questionable.

3. Rude Dog and the Dweebs

While animals are popular characters in cartoons, a dog that actually encourages children to be rude seems a strange choice for the lead character of a children’s cartoon. However, that was exactly what children of the 1980s saw on their screen if they watched ‘Rude Dog and the Dweebs’. Parents are unlikely to appreciate the encouragement of rudeness and would switch off any remake of this series.

4. G.I. Joe: An American Hero

G.I. Joe is one of the most well-known cartoon characters in America and he has appeared in many cartoons since 1983. The American Hero series ran between 1986 and 1986 and this is often one of the most remembered cartoons. Although the military theme is popular with many children, the storylines of the cartoon may not go down too well today in the current political climate. Death and murder are recurring themes in this cartoon and today’s parents may not be overly enthusiastic for their children to watch this.

5. The Care Bears

The Care Bears were well-known for their sickly sweetness and for having ridiculous names like ‘Lotsa Heart’ and ‘Kingdom of Caring’. However, in addition to the overwhelming goodness of the show, there were also some darker undertones. These namely related to the villains of the cartoon. While the cartoon aimed to give children good morals and values, some of the plotlines, including murder, were a little extreme for younger viewers.

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