10 Things You Didn’t Know about Terrance Higgins

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Terrance Higgins

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Terrance Higgins

Terrance Higgins is going to be a household name soon. If you don’t know it already, you’ll see him starring in the newest season of Big Brother. He’s one of the 16 new faces on the show, and he is nothing short of excited to be part of this. He’s taking this to the next level, and he is thrilled. Here’s what you need to know about your favorite new reality show star.

1. He is Older than Most

He is certainly not the youngest on the show. In fact, he might just be the oldest, but we cannot say that for certain. He’s a man in his late 40s. As of July 2022, he is 47. This makes him more than 20 years older than some of the other young people on the show. This might work for him, but we can’t be certain.

2. He is From the Midwest

He is a big city guy. He’s from the city of Chicago. The windy city. He loves it there, and we think he was born and raised there. It makes sense, but he does seem as if he is very much at home there, and we cannot imagine him being from anywhere else.

3. He is a Working Man

When he’s not working on becoming a reality show star who wins a few grand, he is busy doing a few other things. He’s a man who spends his time working for a bus company. He’s in the public transport industry. He drives a bus, and it’s a job he seems like he would be good at.

4. He is Himself

When he is on this show, he is not trying to do anything or be anything but himself. He’s going to play the game, but he is not going to do it pretending to be anyone but Terrance, and we are big fans of that. He was told prior to being on the show that this is good advice, though we cannot be certain who told him this and if it will work for him.

5. He’s Not Going to Do Anything for Others

Well, we don’t get the feeling that this is entirely true. He comes across as a nice guy who would go out of his way to make sure someone else is comfortable and happy, but he is not putting on any airs or going out of his way to make people feel more comfortable about themselves if it might interfere with him winning. He won’t try to make people feel uncomfortable, but he’s also not going out of his way to change himself to make people feel better.

6. He is Funny

He’s a guy who tells the world he’s funny, and that will be what people notice about him. He is a man with a sense of humor, and there is a good chance that will work out for him. Everyone loves a man with a sense of humor, so he might be able to make this work in his favor.

7. He is Sarcastic

It’s a given, right? He has a sense of humor, he’s funny, and he likes to make people laugh. Of course he is a man with a sarcastic nature. No one is funny without being at least a little sarcastic. It’s like give and take, and we believe it.

8. He’s the Life of the Party

Even at 47, he’s still the life of the party. This might be good for him when he’s working with a bunch of 20-somethings. However, he may also find that he is not actually the life of the party when he’s with a bunch of people half his age. He might find out that he is the life of the party in his own age group but not so much when the people he’s working with are very practiced at being the life of the party.

9. He is Not a Fan of Overthinkers

Someone else he doesn’t want to work with in his quest to win this game is someone who overthinks it all. He wants someone who is decisive and ready to play the game. He’s not into finding people to work with who are constantly second guessing themselves and everyone else.

10. Fickle People Bother Him

If you find yourself in the fickle category, don’t bother trying to be part of his own alliance. He’s not into fickle people and those who are not in this to win it. He does not have time for that while he tries to win this game and make a name for himself.

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