Temple Run Mobile Game to Become Television Series

Temple Run television series

Credit: Temple Run

Temple Run may not be the most popular mobile game available today. Still, when the groundbreaking yet simple mobile game debuted on mobile devices in 2011, it took the world by storm and was the most-played game between friends, colleagues, and more. Games such as Candy Crush Saga also took the world by storm and had multiple entries, but Candy Crush Saga, and most other mobile games, have never had the chance to become a real-life obstacle course until now. The creators of American Ninja Warrior have brought the real-life version of the Temple Run mobile game and will turn it into a television series. Below, we’ve detailed the original mobile game hit that was Temple Run, the other iterations of the game, such as its spinoffs and sequels, and the details of the Temple Run mobile game turned into a television series.

Imangi Studios sequel mobile game

Credit: Temple Run 2

Original Temple Run Mobile Games

As for the main entries in the Temple Run mobile game series, Temple Run and Temple Run 2 were the only two ever released, but each has gotten regular updates over the years. Last year, Temple Run celebrated its 10th anniversary, and currently, Temple Run 2 has a Christmas-themed update for players new and old of the franchise to enjoy. Temple Run was released in August 2011, and Temple Run 2, the direct sequel, was released in January 2013. When mobile games were first beginning to take up app stores on App and Google devices and some Blackberry and Windows devices, Temple Run was released and could only be compared to the highly addicting and profitable Candy Crush Saga from King. The original Temple Run mobile games may have been released close to each other, but the two games varied due to upgrades to the second game that wasn’t feasible for the original release. Critics of Temple Run 2 generally stated the same thing, that Temple Run 2 was that the game was a complete overhaul of the original while perfecting everything else about the game to release a justified sequel. Overall, while each provided different characters, Temple Run and Temple Run 2 provided the same endless runner experience for players: escape demonic monkeys, avoid obstacles and run as infinitely as possible. Recently, Apple Arcade often acquires “plus” versions of games that eliminate ads and provide additional gameplay, which may also happen to Temple Run.

Disney mobile game spinoff

Credit: Temple Run: Oz

Temple Run Spinoffs

While Temple Run and Temple Run 2 were only released two years away from each other, several other iterations of the hit mobile game have come to other devices, from VR headsets to continued mobile devices, in the form of new spinoffs and the most recent spinoff in the form of a match 3 game, just like the earlier mentioned and compared to Candy Crush Saga. The first spinoff of Temple Run came from a collaboration between Disney/Pixar and the creators of Temple Run, Imangi Studios. The spinoff was to promote the new film from Disney/Pixar, Brave. The spinoff, Temple Run: Brave, was released before Temple Run 2, which may have also helped the company create a fresher sequel from the original, but the aspects of Temple Run: Brave likely won’t inspire the Temple Run television series, although it featured archery. After Temple Run 2 was when the rest of the Temple Run spinoff titles were released. After Temple Run 2 was released, the next Temple Run spinoff came in the form of another collaboration, again with Disney with Oz the Great and Powerful. Unlike Temple Run: Brave, Temple Run: Oz was less of a mashup of Oz and Temple Run and more of a lazy skin over the original Temple Run, although Temple Run 2 was already released. Finally, outside of the earlier mentioned match-3 game, Temple Run: Treasure Hunters, the final release out of the Temple Run franchise, Temple Run VR was released for Samsung Gear VR and eventually ported to Facebook’s Oculus headset, but again likely won’t be used as inspiration for the Temple Run television series. Temple Run: Treasure Hunters was the game’s soft-launch title, as the official website has labeled the game as Temple Run: Puzzle Adventures.

Temple Run television series

Credit: Temple Run 2

Temple Run Television Series

With several releases composed of originals and spinoffs, Temple Run has long cemented itself as one of the strongest franchises across app stores, delivering games early on and making a memorable name. As the series, upon announcement, was being handled by the creators of American Ninja Warrior, expectations for what the Temple Run television series could entail have been set pretty high, with the courses that American Ninja Warrior has created in that space. American Ninja Warrior has famously made near-impossible courses for those willing to partake. By that logic alone, a Temple Run television series seems not only more likely but more likely to succeed as well, with the series instantly in deserving hands. Although no word has been released outside of the initial series announcement, as it was announced last year, 2023 may be the year for a Temple Run series to beat other similar shows, like Floor Is Lava, Jedi Temple Challenge, and Legends of the Hidden Temple for the top obstacle course series.

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