The Most Addictive TV Commercial Jingles Right Now

The Most Addictive TV Commercial Jingles Right Now

Television commercials have risen in quality over the years but they’ve also strayed from topic 100 times more.  In today’s advertising world it’s less about the product and more about trying to associate the consumer with something, anything about an advertisement so that they’ll think about the product.  It’s why you see a gecko on Geico’s TV commercials.  As we all know a gecko has absolutely nothing to do with insurance but every single person in the world is familiar with that British accent critter on TV.

In addition to mascots or other familiar aspects of a commercial, music or jingles also play a huge part in brand association.  For example, whenever you hear a particular jingle you know it’s associated with a particular brand.  Many companies try to come up with soundbytes that will not only stay in your head but will haunt you for months after you hear them.  That way when you’re thinking of an insurance carrier or want to get a hamburger, that jingle signals to your brain that it’s time to sign with this company and go eat a burger at that restaurant.

I personally don’t think there are many commercial jingles that are too addictive these days but you can deny these four:

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide’s “Nationwide is on your side” is clearly the most well known jingle right now and no one does it better than Peyton Manning.

Farmer’s Insurance

“We are Farmer’s bum du dum dum dum dum dum!”  Believe me, you know it and when you hear it, the jingle stays with you for a while.

McDonald’s I’m Lovin’ It Song

“Ba da da da daaaaaaa, I’m lovin’ it. ”

Home Depot “Let’s Do This.”

This one’s a little more subtle but that song in the background when you hear Josh Lucas narrating?  It’s pretty addictive.

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