Who is Temiri Blagg and How Will He Change Star Wars Forever?

Who is Temiri Blagg and How Will He Change Star Wars Forever?

Who is Temiri Blagg and How Will He Change Star Wars Forever?

The end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi introduces an interesting new character into the Star Wars canon in the final scene. After Finn and Rose uncover the corruption lurking beneath the gilded, luxurious surface of Canto Bight, they realize that the wealthiest enjoy their fun at the expense of the rest.

In fact, according to Star Wars: The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary the children we see caring for the fathiers at the end of the movie were abandoned, left behind to cover gambling debts. One such child is given a name in The Visual Dictionary — Temiri Blagg. This just so happens to be the same boy we see use The Force in the final scene of the movie. It ends with him looking up to the sky with hope and wonder.

Who Could He Be?

Speculation about the young Blagg is running rampant across the Star Wars fanbase. In The Visual Dictionary, he and his friends Arashell Sar and Oniho Zaya have been officially inducted into the Star Wars canon. It doesn’t seem likely that a non-recurring character would be canonized — perhaps we will see Temiri Blagg return in the next episode of Star Wars. Of course, it is worthwhile to note that Luke Skywalker insisted to Kylo Ren that he would not be the last Jedi. Could the next one be Temiri Blagg?

Breaking it Down

It is firmly established that Temiri Blagg is a Force-user. It is also important to remember that he currently holds the antique Rebellion ring that Rose Tico gave him for helping her and Finn escape Canto Bight. In addition, he holds the broom like a lightsaber at the end of the movie. All three of these signs strongly point towards the boy being a future Jedi Knight. Blagg’s story has strong ties with Rey’s, as well. Both were abandoned by their parents, left to get tough or die. And don’t forget, Rey stored away a few Jedi texts aboard the Millennium Falcon. Perhaps in the next iteration of Star Wars, we could see Rey take on Temiri as a Padawan. Another possibility is that each of the named characters (Temiri Blagg, Arashell Sar, and Oniho Zaya) could form a new Star Wars team, much like Luke, Han, and Leia in the original series.

No Significance?

Of course, there’s always the chance that Temiri Blagg won’t return to the canon at all. Perhaps the ending scene was meant to inspire hope in the viewer, and to show that the Resistance may be currently weak — but the seeds are planted for another Rebellion. In the current Star Wars universe, it is in the hands of people like Temiri Blagg to ensure that the Rebel Alliance survives, and that their message will never fade. Blagg could be a representation of the budding New Rebellion — young, but headstrong and growing.

Only time will tell if Temiri Blagg makes another appearance on Star Wars. For now, we’d like to ask any of you Star Wars super-fans what your theories are. Is Temiri Blagg bound to become a recurring character now that his name is canon? How about his friends, Arashell and Oniho? Or is he a mere representation of the future of the series?

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