Television Event Recap and Review – The Flash: Armageddon

Flash armageddon recap review

“The Flash” has become known for its specials and crossovers, due to Arrow bringing shows under the same umbrella together in new ways. Over the course of the several crossovers that the series have shared with each other, characters from across DC Comics television and comic book history are brought to life. In previous crossovers, characters from DC Comics shows that existed in the past and weren’t linked are now brought together with characters such as the original Flash television show, Smallville, Constantine, and others. The most recent event that has just concluded was dubbed ‘The Flash: Armageddon” and was much less of a crossover compared to other seasons but this event still brought not only a new character in the form of a villain but also some familiar faces we haven’t seen in too long. As we go into detail on the last Flash special episodes, please be aware that spoilers are imminent so if you have yet to see, read with caution. Below we’ve gone into detail on each of the special episodes in our recap and review of “The Flash: Armageddon”.

The Flash: Armageddon Part 1

“The Flash: Armageddon” was the season premiere of season 8 of “The Flash” on The CW, the home to the Arrowverse series of shows and not the other DC Comics shows that are available exclusively on HBO Max such as “Doom Patrol”, “Titans”, and the soon-to-arrive “Peacemaker” starring John Cena in his returning role from “The Suicide Squad”. Overall, Armageddon introduced our event villain, who had a different appearance than his original comic book variant but as the CW is almost exclusively a mashup of original and new ideas, it was very much expected. Armageddon Part One was a little confused as to why a so-called hero claiming to be required to kill The Flash in order to save the future that Barry knows he has children in and found Despero to be wrong. Barry convinced the alien to allow him to prove that he will not be the apparent world-destroyer that Despero has claimed him to become.

The Flash: Armageddon Part 2

Armageddon Part Two was possibly the slowest and less dramatic of the Armageddon event as Despero came quite quickly onto the scene and exposed himself as watching Barry in order to get a better understanding of him. Throughout the episode we see Barry start to lose his grip on reality just as Despero said was wrong with Barry in the future that he knows. Until of course, Barry realized in order to truly stop whatever was happening to him and to stop Despero’s plan he needed to go to a different time. While time travel is something that wasn’t new to The Flash, possibly the greatest superhero alive, as you’ll read below he always finds a way to make time on his side.

The Flash: Armageddon Part 3

Part 3 of Armageddon was possibly the most interesting, and overall surprising as it showed us the true world that Eobarde Thawne had created with his Reverse-Flashpoint event where he had successfully separated Barry Allen from the timeline and made himself the original Flash. From the end of the second part, we were introduced to a wedding party for Iris and Thawne where a surprising amount of friends were there to support them. From that ending in Part Two, we were led to the truth that Thawne had erased Barry from the timeline. Overall, the third part was the most interesting as to see Team Flash working alongside Thawne as The Flash and the unlikely alliance that Barry was forced to make with Damien Dahrk in order to save his daughter, no matter the timeline.

The Flash: Armageddon Part 4

Part Four of “The Flash: Armageddon” may have been the most important as it felt more of a true conclusion to Barry’s current problem he needed to solve in order to take care of Thawne so that he could, in turn, take care of his problem with Despero as well. Not to say that Despero wasn’t a worthy villain of The Flash for Armageddon but overall, once again, Reverse-Flash was the ultimate power behind all that was happening to Barry and the rest of Team Flash and in our recap and review of “The Flash: Armageddon” I found most parts to be unnecessary and could have mostly been avoided but the talk of Chuck and Allegra took me by surprise but I’m all for it.

The Flash: Armageddon Part 5

Honestly, Part Five of “The Flash: Armageddon” felt more like an open-ended epilogue compared to a conclusion overall but I suppose it doesn’t matter too much as this was even more unique as the event was only the first five episodes of the current season of “The Flash” so we have a whole new story yet to unfold in front of us. However, as we saw the end of Despero’s mental reign on The Flash and his friends, as well as Eobarde Thawne so early at the end of the show. Overall, while this certainly wasn’t my favorite event I did enjoy that the event set up the rest of the season, which we will get in March, and how the event was tied to “The Flash” exclusively with interesting characters bring brought into it instead of scattered across several shows. Characters such as Mia as Green Arrow and the return of Ryan Choi, as well as the surprisingly calm Damien Darhk that ended as an ally to Barry Allen, even after admitting he was not the real Reverse-Flash that Thawne had made him out to be in that reality. I’d have to say what stuck with me most out of the entire event that’s worth stating in our review and recap of “The Flash: Armageddon” would be the underlying theme of fatherhood and love, which The Flash was reminded to be the paragon of love via Dahrk during the event.

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