Teen Drama “Euphoria” Based on Israeli Thriller Ordered to Series by HBO

It has to be said that HBO has instead greenlighted a pilot, not a series that will be based on an Israeli thriller. The original Euphoria was based in Israel and had to do with the murder of a teenager outside of a club. The 10-episode series was based on a true story and followed the lives of those that had been there for the tragedy a year after the fact. The show goes on to show how they’ve managed, or not managed to cope with the incident and what paths they’ve taken since. This story is going to be adapted to the US in an attempt to bring it back to the attention of the public.

Such a story would be highly influential now in the wake of so many tragedies that have been occurring on US soil and could highlight the level of awareness that is needed as people continue to do their best to make others understand the very real danger that kids must face each day as they make their way to one of the last places that should ever be considered a danger zone. Let that sink in for a moment. While the murder of the teen in the true story took place outside of a club and not a school, there’s no denying that the school aspect will likely be a part of the pilot and the series if it gets approved. There’s simply been too much going on without enough positive action being taken for anyone to expect that the rhetoric will die down any time soon.

To be quite honest this will be about the younger stars and likely for them since it’s already been described as something that resembles a cross between Kids and Trainspotting. In other words it’s a series set in a world where adults might exist but they’re still non-existent when it comes to the issues that the main characters are dealing with. It’s nightmare fuel like this that makes us think that kids are dealing with a world we can’t understand and therefore can’t make any safer for them. Yet if the adults step in and attempt to make things safer it becomes a massive issue since the adults fail to understand every nuanced step that kids want them to take in order to insure their safety. In other words it’s a giant mess at the moment that no one seems to know how to clean up.

The series will, if the creators are wise, touch upon the very real sense of hopelessness that kids seem to be feeling in many parts of the country. The sudden removal of one of their own from a teenager’s life is a tragic blow that doesn’t simply fade away with time. Even a year after the incident it’s still very fresh in the mind of many kids that have to deal with such things. It’s not something you simply forget and move on from, though the latter is the most important part.

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