Teaser Trailer For The Darren Aronofsky Produced “Catch the Fair One”

The teaser trailer to Catch the Fair One doesn’t give up much apart from the idea that the movie is going to have something to do with boxing and a possible revenge story as it’s been described. Beyond that, the audience might have to guess at what’s going to happen and be surprised when they finally find out. Movies such as this are at times a nice surprise since giving up too much in the trailer isn’t always the best idea. But keeping people too confused to know enough about what’s going on is also bound to backfire. So far, what’s been revealed is just enough to keep a lot of people on their toes and give them the mental itch that they need to keep going with it. Women’s boxing isn’t something that a lot of people get into for about the same reason why fewer people are into women’s sports overall, but the fact is that women have made huge strides when it comes to being impressive when it comes to physical activities and for decades now they’ve been doing what they can to make their sports attractive to others and to keep themselves competitive. Anyone stating that a female boxer isn’t interesting to watch might not have seen Million Dollar Baby, since women boxers can be insanely tough, not to mention pack a healthy punch that can give a lot of men a number of problems if they’re not ready for it. That’s kind of evident in the trailer as well, even if for just a fleeting instant. Right now this movie is looking like something that will bear further explanation, which is why a lot of people are bound to sit down for it and discover why it’s worth the time and effort.

The dark cast of the movie brings to mind the idea that it’s not exactly going to be a positive and uplifting experience, but will instead be something that will center around a lot of negative feeling that will lead up to a powerful but possibly tragic ending, or at the very least, something that’s climactic enough to make one feel that the protagonist has earned their ending one way or another. It could be a shot in the dark really, but when shadows are employed so readily in a movie and traces of light are harsher and less illuminating, it’s either a Zack Snyder movie, or the director, Aaron Aronofsky in this case, could be going for a feeling that’s less than optimistic but is determined, driven, and not bound to be that positive and inspirational. I could be wrong, but the tone of the trailer leans towards the darker end of the spectrum and as a result, feels as though it’s going to be setting a tone that will be far more antagonistic than anything. Plus, the training scene indicates that boxing will take a place in the movie, but perhaps won’t be the center of the entire plot, remaining just off-center enough to be considered important but not all-consuming when it comes to the story. Again, a lot of this is guesswork since there are some things to be taken from the trailer, but not quite enough to get the whole story. The fact that the main character will be seeking out her missing sister is enough to create a revenge story, especially one in which the protagonist might appear to be just as bad as the antagonist in some ways, but until we get to see more it’s hard to say what’s really going on.

That’s okay though since having to guess at what a trailer is really showing is kind of invigorating, especially given that there’s enough action in the trailer to make it worthwhile and a few images that might set some people off simply because the idea of human trafficking is still a hot button issue and will likely get the blood of some folks boiling. Movies concerning trafficking, kidnapping, and other such acts are nothing new, but they’re still sensitive material given everything that’s been happening in the world as of late. A good revenge story that revolves around this issue, even in part, is something that will attract a lot of people simply because they want to see a happy ending, a conclusion that will see the kidnapped returned home, or at least given justice of some sort. Being way off base with this story wouldn’t even matter save for the fact that seeing so many people bound in one scene of the trailer is enough to make one feel that something horrible is happening and will be exposed in some way throughout the story. All in all, it looks like something that will entice a lot of people to sit down and watch to the end.

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