Supernatural 6.02 “Two and A Half Men” Recap

Supernatural 6.02 “Two and A Half Men” Recap

Supernatural 6.02 “Two and A Half Men” RecapAfter having time to really think about the sixth season premiere from last week, I have a few follow-up questions to my previous review.

Lingering Questions

First, seriously, what about Adam? Like Sam, he was possessed by an angel when he went into the hole/box. So if Sam was resurrected, is Adam still down there in the box? This has been bugging the hell out of me and I really, really hope that we’ll find out what happened to Adam. I also find it odd that Dean never bothered to ask Sam specifically about Adam when he asked about Hell. I mean, sure, maybe Sam doesn’t want to talk about it, but what hardship would it be to address what happened to their brother? Especially considering it’s technically their ‘fault'(though not really) that he was involved in this situation in the first place.

Second, what does the new title sequence mean? The one for the fifth season, you’ll recall, was exploding blood, which fit in nicely with the bloodline theme and the apocalypse. This season it’s exploding glass (or mirrors). Is it to signify a break in the show – a new chapter? Is it something more? Is it a mirror to suggest that things are not what they seem (which might fit in with how Sam is acting peculiar)?

Now that those are out of the way, let’s move on to this week’s episode….

Wait, one more thing…you know what would be cool? If instead of doing ‘Then’as a refresher from past episodes, they went the Damages route and showed us more brief scenes from Sam’s past year after he got out of Hell. Like how they started the premiere as ‘One Year Ago’. That would have been awesome.

On the Move

Alas, they didn’t do that. After the ‘Then’we’re treated to an opening scene with a mother frantically running through her house, cradling her baby in her arms which are literally dripping with blood. Hiding under the bed she sees the body of her dead husband and then she’s yanked away, screaming, while her baby remains.

Back at Dean and Lisa’s house…well, actually, they’ve moved. Dean is going through the Impala’s trunk (for God sakes, someone get that baby back on the road!) and then joins Ben and Lisa inside where Ben is moping. Ben’s voice has deepened noticeably from his first appearance back in early season 3 and he’s well on his way to becoming a mopey teenager. He wants to go riding on his bike, but Dean is overly cautious about letting them out of his sight.

In Michigan, Sam is investigating the death of the woman and her husband and trying to find the now missing baby. He calls Samuel, who reveals that four couples have been slaughtered lately and four babies are missing. Sam wonders if it’s just normal murders and not monsters.

Back at the new house, Dean freaks out when he sees Ben holding a gun. The boy’s just curious and wants Dean to teach him how to shoot so he can help protect them, but Dean is eager to break the cycle started with his father and vehemently tells Ben that he’ll never fire a gun. Pay attention to that message, it’ll be important again later.

Supernatural 6.02 “Two and A Half Men” RecapSam and Samuel reconnect to discover that the security company is the common link between the families and Sam goes off to try and find the next family. Later that night Sam does, and he manages to cut a security guard from the alarm company with silver. Since it has a really adverse reaction, we know something’s up. Shortly after, Sam calls Dean ask for a meeting. Dean does and we get our first look at what has Sam so stumped…a baby. A really, really cute baby.

Returning home to pack a bag, Dean hands Lisa a gun (she’s no slouch with a firearm, that girl). He’s reluctant to leave, but she tells him to go. Rejoining Sam, the two discuss the various creatures with reactions to silver and why it’s going after babies.

Three…No, Wait…Two Men and a Baby

They head to a store to buy baby supplies and he baby starts shrieking while they’re in the checkout line and Dean has a pretty funny scene where he keeps holding the baby away from him and turning it around, trying to figure out what’s wrong. By the way, the part where Dean starts crying in the kid’s face to get him to stop crying? I know from personal experience that that technique sometimes actually works. The nice woman who offers to help change the baby’s diaper turns out to be a shapeshifter and the boys have to fight to retrieve the baby and escape from the store unharmed.

Oh my God, do you know how cute the baby is? My biological clock is ticking just looking at him.

On a side note, how interesting is it that when asked the baby’s name, Sam and Dean both automatically say the names of the two father figures in their lives: Bobby and John. Dean picked Bobby, while Sam picked John. I don’t know, I find that interesting. Did they pick the one they relate to more or am I reading too much into this?

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