Supernatural Season 13 Finale Review: “Let the Good Times Roll” Into Next Season


“Carry on my wayward son” is a song that Supernatural fans both love and hate to hear.  They love it because Supernatural season finales never disappoint in terms of action or even story resolution, but fans are also sad to hear the beloved Kansas song because it means there is another hiatus before getting more Sam, Dean, and Castiel.  “Let the Good Times Roll” did a great job of wrapping up the current story and starting a new one, but perhaps other fans will join me in not quite being ready for what comes next, and grieving for those we’ve lost.

It seems that archangels are now dropping like flies. In the past two episodes we’ve lost both (spoilers ahead) Gabriel and Lucifer. I can’t help but think this means that Supernatural has an endgame in mind, since they’ve lost such powerful recurring players. Of course, Gabriel’s previous “deaths” have meant very little (same goes for pretty much every other dead character on Supernatural) so I suppose that not all hope is lost. Still, these losses are huge blows to the show as a whole, but it does bring closure to some of the lingering plot threads that have been just hanging out there for 5-7 seasons. Probably the only part I didn’t enjoy about this episode, though, was killing off Lucifer relatively unceremoniously. Seems like it could’ve been a bigger deal. Having Jack’s powers could’ve turned him into a larger threat that lasted longer, too. I got excited about that only to have him killed off.

Speaking of Jack, I’m very pleased with both his journey and Alexander Calvert’s portrayal. At the beginning of Season 13, Jack was essentially an extremely powerful blank canvas. He easily could have been manipulated by his father, or even become evil as a self-fulfilling prophecy during Dean’s initial hesitance. But the influence of Sam, Dean, Castiel, Mary, and some of the alternate universe heroes solidified Jack on the good side. Jack was willing to let Lucifer be good, but also turned away from him when he proved he was not. It’s really been a fascinating journey that should continue to be interesting now that Jack doesn’t have powers, but is still firmly “Team Free Will 2.0”

Bringing all of the alternate-universe characters back into the world presents an interesting dynamic. For one, I’m thrilled to have the likes of Bobby and Charlie (even though they’re not the ones we knew, per se) back into the fold. I understand that they’re generally the same people, and it presents a unique opportunity to bring back Jim Beaver, Felicia Day and the like without being completely bound to storytelling in the exact same way. For the most part, it’s something I look forward to, but I don’t want to tarnish the legacy of the OG Bobby and Charlie.

Here are a few other thoughts:

  • When you really think about it, this was such an appropriate exit for Lucifer. They made the best possible use of both evil and hilarious Mark Pellegrino.
  • “I don’t like to speak ill of people but Sam is a big fat liar”
  • “You know it, Longmire”
  • Probably the only other knock I have against this episode: The Trump jokes were a bit on the nose.
  • The twist we all saw coming: Dean’s new character is Michael.
  • Hopes for next season: that our Michael in the form of John Winchester’s other son comes out to fight this Michael. That’s probably the only loose thread still hanging that I’m really itching to see resolved.

Overall, both with Season 13 as a whole and this episode, I’m pleased. The story possibilities going forward are still interesting and I know the creative team won’t let me down.

What did you guys think? Did you enjoy the episode and/or the season? Let us know in the comments!

Supernatural returns this Fall on Thursdays at 8pm on the CW

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