Supernatural Review: Sam and Dean Finally Do “The Thing”


“Scoobynatural” was certainly a tough act to follow. I’d almost want to make it a special episode to air at a different time of year, because it was such a hit that anything that follows it is going to be a letdown. Fortunately, the Supernatural team did a great job of getting back to the mythology but still having a procedural-like problem to solve. After all these years, I can still get excited by a classic mythology episode of Supernatural. This one in particular furthered their mission to find their mother and Jack, and revisited the mythologies like the Men of Letters and archangels(!!!). Sure, “Scoobynatural” was a historic feat for the long-running series, but as a long time fan I found “The Thing” to be almost as compelling.

Any chance that Supernatural has to explore new mythology, they should take. The monster they uncovered at the hidden Men of Letters site introduced a “goddess” from an alternate universe, bent on consuming the world. The only way to stop her was to send her back to her world. This is a clever maneuver by Supernatural for a couple of reasons. One, it introduces a new baddie that can be reintroduced sometime in the future, especially as they continue to explore alternate worlds. Two, it lends credence to the inevitable future seasons of the show and gives them more grounds to explore other things. The whole main story involving this monster was compelling, but was still the least compelling part of the episode.

Far more compelling was the story of Mr. Ketch being in WAY over his head with Asmodeus. Ketch has long been muscle for hire, and would do anything for the right price. Now, however, he realizes that Asmodeus poses a serious threat to the world as we know it, and doesn’t regard Ketch’s life at all. So, to get back at Asmodeus, Ketch frees the captive, mostly grace-less Gabriel from Asmodeus’ clutches and escapes to the only place he knows he would be safe: the Men of Letters bunker. While not warmly welcomed by the Winchesters, bringing Gabriel with him softens the blow, and creates some new character pairings that I’m excited for, like Dean and Ketch going together into the alternate world. Dean and Ketch will make a great odd couple, but I’m even more excited to find out what’s been happening with Gabriel.

Here are a few other thoughts:

  • Using Ketch and the Men of Letters legacies in the same episode seems to hint at an expanded future for the Men of Letters mythology on the show. I’m all for it.
  • “Jinkies!” “You’re going to stop saying that eventually, right?” “I don’t know. Probably not.” Dean loved “Scoobynatural” as much as the rest of us.
  • “I don’t know what kind of kinky gatekeeper/keymaster thing you got going on here.” Supernatural makes all the best references.
  • The showrunner has hinted at bringing back a ton of characters we all know and love, though perhaps in apocalypse form. I’m hoping we’ll catch some apocalypse versions of Garth, Charlie, etc.
  • #GabrielLives
  • Announced this week: Supernatural has been renewed for Season 14!

With this many episodes left in the season, the race to the season ender is bound to be a wild ride. “The Thing” was no “Scoobynatural” in terms of how it will be remembered, but followed that act just about as well as anyone could hope. Supernatural has been aces lately.

What did you guys think? Did you enjoy the episode? Let us know!

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW

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