Superman: Man of Tomorrow Voice Cast Is Announced

Superman: Man of Tomorrow Voice Cast Is Announced

Superman’s history in the comics, live action, and animation has seen a lot of changes to the man of steel and those around him, and this upcoming project won’t be that different in this regard as Darren Criss, who many might remember from Glee, will be taking on the role of Clark Kent/Superman, while Zachary Quinto, best recognized from the TV show Heroes and as Spock in the latest Star Trek movies, will be voicing the role of Lex Luthor. It’s also been revealed that Alexandra Daddario will be playing the role of Lois Lane, so it’s easy to state that the project has managed to line up some top-tier talent. The hope of course is that they’ll deliver a top-notch performance that fans will appreciate since there have been several people that have contributed to the role of Superman and his supporting characters over the years and a lot of folks have their favorites while a good number are always bound to keep an open mind. As Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb states this animated feature will likely keep fans entertained since it could be a while until we get to see Superman back on the big screen or even gracing the small screen with another appearance for obvious reasons. At the very least people will be able to get their Superman fix sooner rather than later and can follow the Man of Tomorrow story line that was introduced back in the 90s.

Hearing Zachary Quinto’s voice as Lex Luthor might be kind of interesting since the guy has played a villain on a couple of different shows and he has the talent to make his characters sound absolutely terrifying, but Luthor is typically the kind of guy that needs to sound charismatic as well as menacing in his own way. There’s a lot of faith that he’ll be able to make it work, though some people are wondering if Darren Criss is the guy for the role of Superman at this point. The great thing about animation is that if a person can alter their voice just enough to be convincing it can work to great effect, and while it might sound like an attempt to minimize the efforts of an actor, pretty much anyone could take these roles so long as they’re able to create a believable voice that people can listen to and believe in when it comes to the characters. There are actors that do possess voices that are absolutely perfect for various roles, but when it comes to voice acting there’s still a great deal of work that needs to be put into many characters to make them sound right.

Thinking of how long Superman has been a favored superhero makes it easy to understand why some folks want to see such great representation since much like Batman he’s been around long enough to be a worldwide phenomenon that has touched the lives of many a person. While there are plenty of debates concerning Superman, as far as how powerful he really is, who could possibly take him on and so on so forth, there have always been fans of the Kryptonian that are right there to stand up and defend him without hesitation. While he’s evolved throughout the years there are still plenty of characters that have given Superman a run for his money, and there are a couple of villains that will be showcased in this upcoming project that have done that as well. Apart from Lex Luthor, who has been a thorn in Superman’s side for a long time, both Lobo and Parasite will be showing up as well, and both of them are considered to be heavy hitters in their own regard as Lobo has gone toe to toe with Superman and survived, while Parasite is known for being able to leech the abilities and powers from others, making him a true threat to just about anyone. The fight between Superman and Lobo is bound to be fun to watch however since the “Main Man” as Lobo calls himself is someone that has the kind of power that rivals a lot of heroes and villains and he’s also the kind of character that’s about as opposite from Superman as can be.

The first trailer to this project should be coming out eventually and it’ll be great to see just what Superman and the fans are in store for since looking at the image it would almost appear that Supes and Luthor are on the same side at the moment, but given how rare that is we’ll have to wait and see just kind of context this image is placed in. It’ll be great to see Superman back on screen again, and hopefully one of these days we’ll get to see another live action movie as well.

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