Why We’ll Be Checking Out The Mauritanian

No one should be held without hope of finding justice or without being allowed to defend themselves within the eyes of the law, but on that note, one should remember that following the tragedy of September 11th, many people were ready to crucify those that were anything but outraged and shocked when it came to what happened. Anyone even bothering to state that America should have taken a breath before accusing the wrong people was bound to get beaten in the streets, and anyone going so far as to say that tolerance should be preached and practiced was bound to have just about anyone in their life leave them in the dust. That was the unfortunate power and the effect of the 9/11 attacks, and The Mauritanian is set to remind people just what it was like and how a movie based on a true story can possibly bring back the feelings that this was somehow a moment when America was at war with its own morality as to what was necessary and what was acceptable when attempting to find who had dared to strike at the nation. It’s been established that this country doesn’t abide torture or keeping people against their will without due process and especially without any evidence that can be easily perused by a defense attorney, but there’s still the moral question of what happens when the enemies of this country won’t limit themselves to what they can and will do, and America is hamstrung by the idea that it’s somehow better for not resorting to such tactics when it’s deemed necessary.

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Jodie Foster, and Shailene Woodley, the movie already looks like a thriller that’s going to go deep into the morality of holding prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, a name that can strike fear into the heart of many prisoners. From that point on it looks like something that will likely divide people when it comes to wondering just how far the USA will go when it comes to getting the answers that are desired since taking the wrong people based on little to no evidence and a great deal of suspicion is a mistake that feels as though it’s been made more times than anyone is willing to admit. Those that know the legal system front to back are bound to be following this movie in an effort to see where things go off the rails and where they’re accurate enough to be enjoyed as a work of fiction based on a true story. The most chilling part about this movie thus far though is the simple fact that it’s bound to pull at the allegiances of the audience since the idea of the 9/11 attacks is still raw to some folks for various reasons.

It’s likely that if a person really wants to know what’s going on in this movie that they’ll need to read up on 9/11 and this particular case a bit just to get the lowdown on what’s going on and why it’s so important. If nothing else it would be nice to walk into this movie knowing a little more than others since it would make more sense and therefore be a little easier to get into. Plenty of movies such as this thrive on the idea that many of those in the audience are going to be operating on what they’ve seen in the news and what they might have found on a quick Google search, but won’t know the whole story. Of course, knowing the whole story is kind of difficult when we only ever get what the media will show us, but intuition and instinct are sometimes far better tools than what we’re given by those that are controlling the narrative, if only because this can allow us, if we’re paying attention, to determine just right or wrong something is. Obviously, that’s not a great way to go about judging the lives of others, but sometimes it’s far more honest than people choose to be when armed with the information they believe will aid them in making a decision.

If nothing else, the acting in this movie will no doubt draw in a lot of people that are eager to see how the cast will work together in order to create a movie that will hopefully be convincing and ultimately tell a story that will be debated for weeks and months to come. One can almost hear those who will write more on this matter stating what did and didn’t really happen in the true story that inspired this movie, as the facts that are allowed to come out likely will, and people will no doubt be amazed at what was real and what was taken out of context. At the end of the day though, people will need to remember that this is based on a true story, it’s not THE true story.

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