Super Troopers 2 Finishes Post Production: What We Know

If you’re like me then you recall that the original Super Troopers was something of a pleasant surprise. “You boys like Mexico?! Yeeeehaww!” The energy it came in with was so infectious that you just had to laugh as you held on and enjoyed the ride. But few people, even those that asked about it, were really expecting a sequel to come out in this lifetime. If anything we might have expected a reboot when we were pushing our retirement years. But Broken Lizard has decided to deliver on something we never expected and has been shooting Super Troopers 2! If the first film was any indication of how wild and crazy these guys can get then the second one should be just as fun and just as nuts.

Here’s what we know so far about the film.

Despite finishing the initial screening this doesn’t mean the film is ready to go.

There is an entire process that needs to be followed when screening and editing any film. This is essentially a chance to see what works and what doesn’t before everything gets locked in and the final product rolled out. Everything done to this point is to improve the film and grant the audience the best possible viewing experience that can be given. In order to really capture the essence of the film and edit out any mistakes or unwanted scenes this exhaustive process has to be endured for as long as it takes to get it right.

The soundtrack has to come next.

This is when all the songs, all the music, and all the people in charge of said effects are brought together into a separate room so that the sound elements can be brought to bear scene by scene. This makes it possible to insure that the dialogue sounds right, that it works with the musical score or song that’s being used, and that nothing is too soft or too loud so that it can’t be heard or understood. This is a long, arduous process that can help to create the overall effect that you see in finished films. If not for this step the dialogue and the music would not mesh as well and you’d get a very irritating overlap effect.

After this, the color has to be looked at and possibly adjusted.

Every day those in charge of production have to look over every scene and make certain that the colors of the film are correct, meaning that shadows and light are accounted for and kept in a balance that doesn’t throw off the picture, and colors are bright enough but not so vibrant that they dominate the scene. In other words this is one of the final steps of the filmmaking process that is among the most important mostly because it insures a quality picture.

When all is said done the crew will wait for a release date so that they can get started with promos, teasers, and so on. Eventually we’ll get to see the trailer of Super Troopers 2, but for now there’s still a little work to be done.

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