Five Things Movies Get Wrong about Surfing

Five Things Movies Get Wrong about Surfing

Five Things Movies Get Wrong about Surfing

Surfing is a way of life to some people and yet it’s not the stereotype that so many people have made it out to be. In movies and on TV surfing tends to be done by those that are extremely territorial of their part of the beach, don’t tend to like those that don’t surf, and are basically a sub-culture all to themselves. This latter portion is true in a way but surfers are a lot different than you see in films since their way of life is a great deal different and yet similar in many ways to anyone else. They get up each day and take care of their business like anyone else, they aren’t always on the waves or strolling down the beach talking in the crazy accent that people have come to attribute to surfers and their laid back ways.

Honestly, they’re really no different than anyone else.

5. Surfing is not easy.

It might look like a surfer is simply paddling out into open water and then sitting around looking for the perfect wave. But if you try paddling a board that size while lying on your stomach you might get a bit of a surprise when you realize it’s not all that easy. Surfing takes a lot out of a person and requires that you at least be in decent shape.

4. It’s not just a summer sport. 

You can surf year round. All that one really needs is a wetsuit to block out the chill and possibly gloves and boots in the winter months. The waves don’t take time off for the winter or fall, and are just as present in the spring. The only difference is that if the region you’re in has a decidedly violent and regular storm season you might want to skip the worst days.

3. Surfing is definitely a sport.

A sport is defined as something that requires skill and is competitive in nature. So yes, very much so, surfing is a sport. It takes more skill than people seem to think about and it is definitely competitive. Granted, you might need to know something of the movements and the different tricks that surfers can pull on the waves, but the fact that it’s a sport should not be disputed.

2. Surfers aren’t just beach bums.

The typical stereotype of a surfer is the image of a beach bum that does nothing but surf all day and then find a way to mooch off of whoever they can the rest of the time. The truth however is that most surfers work 9 to 5 jobs and take time out of their busy schedule to pursue their hobby. For some, surfing is their source of income since they’re that good that they can make it work for them.

1. Surfing before a storm is not a good idea. 

It’s said by some that surfing before or after a storm is a good idea since the waves are better. The reason this isn’t true is that before a storm the ocean can get extremely unpredictable and should be avoided at all costs. If you wander out and get hit by a rogue wave it’s on your head.

Surfing can be a very calming and spiritual hobby, but it definitely doesn’t breed laziness.

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