Suits Spinoff Ordered to Series by USA Network

Gina Torres is returning to the “Suits” universe in an offshoot TV drama series. The spinoff series has just been confirmed by USA who has ordered the series. The new drama will focus on the new life that cut throat lawyer Jessica Pearson, played by Torres, is carving for herself in the seedy world of Chicago politics. The season finale of “Suits” season 7 is set to be a backdoor pilot to tease viewers of the upcoming by product.

The show has been ordered to series by USA network. The “Suits” creator Aaron Korsh is at the helm of this new project along with showrunner and executive producer Daniel Arkin. Korsh is credited as writer of the show. Torres will be on board as an executive producer and will be joined in this role by Doug Liman, David Bartis and Gene Klein. It is being made by Universal Cable Prods. Bonnie Zane is the casting director and she’s begun the search for three new actors to take on roles in the spinoff show.

Jessica Perason was the queen bee of the law-firm at the center of the popular show. She was a founding partner and at the hub of all the intrigue and double dealing. She was a much loved character. At the end of season 6 Torres bowed out leaving her character to go off to Chicago in pursuit of love and sanity. The show went on without its managing partner and central powerhouse although she returned for a guest appearance.

The spinoff, will which will be led by Torres, will be an opportunity to pick up Jessica’s journey where the audience left her in Season 6. This time the feisty and powerful business woman and lawyer is immersed in the murky world of politics in The Windy City. The show is deliberately leaving the legal world to clearly differentiate between the two shows. The new show promises to inhabit a world that is a little grittier and darker than the extravagant world of cooperate attorneys. In the season 7 finale which doubles as a pilot for the new show all the team (Harvey, Donna, Mike, Louis and Rachel) are reunited in Chicago as Pearson embarks on her new life. She’s run into some bother and Harvey needs to come to her aid.

Torres has said that she didn’t regret her decision to leave “Suits” but missing the great crew in part motivated her and helped to germinate the ideas for Jessica’s new life after “Suits”. She pitched the idea to Korsh and he relished the opportunity to work with her again. Both are very excited at the prospect of a new show with a tried and tested fan favorite character. It is also welcome that the show has a powerful woman in the lead. It’s a timely project in the context of the #timesup movement

This is a real stamp of approval for Suits as the original “Suits” has been renewed for an incredible eight season despite the departure of its main stars. Meagan Markle, who plays the gorgeous and tenacious Rachel Zane is leaving her acting career and the show behind in favor of a real life fairy tale wedding. She’s set to wed Prince Harry this summer. Her co-star Patrick J. Adams is also bowing out in a story line that is eagerly anticipated by fans.

Using a finale to usher in a new show is challenging move. It will be difficult to make it work for the old and the new. We enthusiastically await the episode when it airs in April. “Suits” currently airs on Wednesday evenings at 9pm on USA.

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