What in the World Would an Alf Reboot Look Like Today?

What in the World Would an Alf Reboot Look Like Today?

What in the World Would an Alf Reboot Look Like Today?

When everyone in the industry is quick to pump the brakes as to whether or not a reboot is a possibility it’s kind of obvious that the idea that’s in question is still kind of an iffy proposition at best. A lot of people remember Alf since he was one of the more lovable and amusing characters of the 80s, but bringing him back is still in the earliest phases according to the folks at The Hollywood Reporter. But the best question is what might happen if there is an Alf reboot, and there are a lot of different ways of handling the answer. One is that upon being brought back that he would move in with a different family since the Tanner’s would be out of the picture at this point, and it’s been seen that Alf is usually better with a group than on his own. Another point to bring up is that Alf is kind of like an earlier version of Ted the bear in that he’s a bit crude, crass, and could easily be seen as someone that says what he wants and will do what he wants more or less since he’s an independent individual that has his own wants and needs. In other words, an Alf reboot could be far edgier and a lot rougher around the edges in this day and age if the selected director was willing to go that route. It might not be the case since a lot of people enjoyed Alf as being the carefree alien that wasn’t too much of a nuisance but was just enough to get on the nerves of the Tanner family from time to time.

The show could get a lot darker than it has been in the past but the idea appears to be that it might stay away from deeper discussions and content that might bring back memories of Project Alf, which aired not long after the show was over and done with. At that point it really felt that Alf had changed in a big way and the family label might have been on the verge of slipping off if only because he was no longer in the safety of the Tanner home and had to find a way to exist with those that were eventually going to try to kill him. Looking at it from this angle it’s obvious that Alf could definitely get more than a little controversial if left to the story line that was set down decades ago. It feels safe to say that the story might need a lot more development before releasing it to the public, if only to make sure of which direction the show needs to go in and how it’s going to justify whatever stance it takes when being presented to the public. A lot of us remember Alf as a funny and engaging show about an alien that came to live with a family and remained their closely-guarded secret. But there are a lot of things about the show that we might look at now and think are a bit problematic if not downright wrong, which could keep the show from happening as it’s already been proclaimed dead by Slashfilm and several others. Alf’s proclivity for eating cats for instance could have made the show take an extremely dark note, though thankfully this was usually implied and never really forced upon the viewer.

Bringing this show back almost sounded like it might have been a joke but at the same time it likely sparked the interest of some folks that thought it might be a good idea. There’s a lot to debate with this since bringing back old shows and movies has become the trend in recent years. But to be fair there are ideas that feel as though they were never really finished and might be interesting to bring back, and there are ideas that should probably be left as they were in order to allow people to remember them fondly without having to delve too deeply into the facts behind them that might make a person look at their favorite pop culture icons a little differently. Seeing as how Alf is already on the block to be rebooted however it’s going to be interesting to see how the show is handled and whether or not it will be a strict comedy/drama as it was before or if those in charge will want to bring a bit more of an edge to the program in order to draw in new viewers. Back in the 80s this show was taken with a lot of humor and was seen as something that wasn’t too serious but could have its touching side as well since there was enough drama to balance out the comedy. Bringing it back though almost makes it feel as though there might need to be something more to it that could draw in new viewers.

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