Stuff About The Toy Story Movies You Only Get as an Adult

Stuff About The Toy Story Movies You Only Get as an Adult

When you watch a cartoon as a kid you’re excited because hey, it’s a cartoon! The colors, the action, and the fun that the main characters bring is usually enough to keep you entertained and engaged without having to think about the obvious things that adults tend to look at. Plus as a kid you really don’t have a lot of experience in the more serious matters to worry about them, so you let a lot slide. As an adult however, it’s easier to notice. The trick to noticing these things is to not let it spoil the movie experience for you, or your kids.  One such movie franchise that has plenty of adult subjects is Toy Story.

Here are 5 things within Toy Story films that only an adult could understand.

It’s extremely sad when toys get replaced

Think about if your best friend just up and replaced you because you got old or were otherwise no more fun to have around? Kids get rid of toys all the time as they grow up, and have an emotional attachment to only a few that they might have played with or cherished for one reason or another. All the others tend to get forgotten and eventually given away. One can only hope they go to another kid that might appreciate getting a new toy.

Sid needs some serious help.

There is no ‘boys will be boys’ defense here. Sid is a psycho in the making. He tears apart toys and rebuilds them into monstrosities that thankfully aren’t violent but are far and away from their original form. Now you can argue that he’s been innovative and creative, but the sheer, sick joy he gets from tearing them apart is a little disturbing to say the least.

Woody had to put up with a lot.

As Andy’s favorite toy, initially and once again near the end, Woody has to deal with a lot from the other toys. They look up to him but they also tend to argue with him a lot over issues in the bedroom that have to with anything from missing parts to recon for Andy’s birthday and of course Christmas. That’s a lot to put on the shoulders of a guy made primarily out of stuffing and hard plastic.

How many toys got chewed on when Buster came around?

Maybe Andy was really careful not to leave his door open, but then again maybe not. Buster was a puppy after all when he came to live in Andy’s home, and we all know what puppies do with toys. Maybe his mom gave the dog enough rawhide bones to chew on, and Buster just left the toys alone. Chances are he might have sunk his teeth into one or more of Andy’s toys though.

Buzz’s breakdown is way more serious than it seemed.

Just imagine you think that you’re a real space ranger. Then the floor falls out from under you and you realize that not only can you not fly, but you are a child’s plaything just like the other toys told you. how damaging would that be to someone’s psyche? At least the slap to his face and his senses worked well enough to get him moving again.

Some movies seem unbearably tragic at times when you finally understand them as an adult. Toy Story though is still full of fun, but it also shows how life kind of happens, and how we have to roll with it.

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