Stranger Things 3 Is Finally Going to Give Will Byers a Break

If you’ve been watching the last two seasons of Stranger Things then you know that Will Byers has taken a serious beating when it comes to his dealings with the Upside Down. He’s been captured by the Demogorgon, implanted with a slug-like creature that eventually turned into a canine version of the same monster, and been used as a spy by the Mind Flayer from the other side of the Upside Down. He’s been through hell a couple of times and will no doubt be going through some serious PTSD for some time to come, but in season three he’s not being made to back into the fire again.

Even more amazing is that despite the fact that the Mind Flayer is stuck on the other side of the portal that Eleven closed it won’t be the prime evil that the characters have to deal with in the next season. Most if not all of the characters will still be there, because let’s face it fans are going to be supremely upset if they’re not, but apparently the story won’t be taking place in Hawkins any longer. The relationship between Steven and Dustin is going to take on some depth as well, as it was kind of unexpected and had fans wondering just what in the heck happened that Steve suddenly became such a nice guy that was willing to mentor a young kid like Dustin.

But the main evil might be something you didn’t expect. Recall the vapor-like particles that erupted from Will when Eleven put the Mind Flayer back in its place. It didn’t originate from the Upside Down, but from inside of Will. That means it was already in Hawkins and didn’t just disappear into the Upside Down as far as we all knew. So that could be the possible evil that needs to be dealt with, and the ramifications could be huge. The next season is apparently all mapped out already and just needs to be filmed, but it won’t be coming out until early 2019, which means we have another year to wait before we can see how the gang from Hawkins have dealt with the fallout of the second season. It’ll be interesting to see if they bring back Max and Billy, especially since Billy wasn’t all his character seemed hyped up to be. He was more or less another character to throw in for flavor and he didn’t do much more than torment Steve as the renegade alpha male in the school, and then later on pummel him into the floor.

Max could possibly come back since she and Lucas had become an item. A year might change a lot of things but at the very least all of the kids should still be young enough to pass as students in Hawkins and continue the story. But the question is, if the lab is closed and the story is no longer in Hawkins, then where is it?

One more year to wait, then we get to find out. But you know the rumor-mill will start up before then, if it hasn’t already.

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