Station Eleven Season 1 Episode 7: “Goodbye My Damaged Home” Recap

On Station Eleven Season 1 Episode 6 we learn more about, The Prophet and his conglomerate of child soldiers. The Prophet aka David and his second in command, use the Station Eleven book as their manifesto. Kirsten agrees to help David retrieve something from Sevren City airport in exchange for the Traveling Symphony’s safety. Sarah the Traveling Symphony’s conductor suffers a massive stroke. Station Eleven Season 1, Episode 7 “Goodbye My Damaged Home” is the most intensely moving episode on an emotional level. Kirsten goes on a wild journey while under the spell of a poisonous dart thanks to the Red Bandanna. Rendered to an subconscious state, Kirsten lies on the forest floor amongst a pinwheel of defeated Red Bandannas and becomes immersed in a memory of the the time she spent with Jeevan and Frank. Kirsten and the Chadhuary brothers held bunkered in the high rise apartment for two months as the deadly flu ravaged the city. During this subconscious experience, an older version of Kirsten shadows her younger self as the the good and bad memories of the first year of the pandemic came flooding back like violent waves. Jeevan, Frank and Kirsten had become a family. In the before world Frank and Jeevan would have been coined hero’s for saving a little white girl’s life. Frank and Jeevan knew that Kirsten parents were dead so they tried to make the best situation by doing their best to keep the young girl happy.

At one point, younger Kirsten tries to offer her older self a vial that contains the antidote to stop the poison from progressing. But Kirsten can’t bring herself to take it because she’s eager to relive the good memories. As time went on they realized that they would eventually have to venture outside the confines of the barricaded apartment if they were going to survive. Jeevan was nervous because he knew that by spring people would be fighting for food. Disaster brings out the savage in people. Also, Frank was in a recovering heroin addict and a accident years ago left him with a bad leg that he walked in with a cane. Would he be able to survive outside of the cozy life they created inside of the apartment? When Frank and Jeevan weren’t trying to figure out a plan for the future they were bonding, dancing and rapping with Kirsten. Kirsten and Frank bonded over their love to create. Kirsten even talked the Chadhuary brothers into acting out Station Eleven in a full production play with handmade costumes crafted from items around the house.

While the play was everything little Kirsten could imagine given the circumstances, their fun was cut shorter by an intruder wielding a knife. The intruder immediately lays claim to the apartment. Jeevan tries to deescalate the situation promising to leave if they could just grab  few things. He sent Kirsten to her room to pack, telling her not to come out until he said so. Frank isn’t willing to leave his home. The intruder stabs Frank and tries to kill Jeevan as well. Jeevan and the guys end up in a tussle with Kirsten screaming in fear in the back room. An older Kirsten comforts her younger self. Jeevan is a survivalist and knowing that he has a kid depending on him to live he knows that he has to survive. Jeevan kills the intruder but he’s unable to save his brother. Frank stood his ground as a man because man protects his home. In reality, he was sacrificing himself for his brother and Kirsten. He knew that Jeevan and Kirsten needed to move on in order to survive and with his disability traveling would have been difficult . There was no way Jeevan could protect Kirsten and his brother. They couldn’t spend the rest of their lives holed up in that apartment.

Frank also knew that Jeevan would never leave him behind. Why would he? At the outset of the pandemic,  Jeevan promised his sister that he would immediately go to Frank’s and keep them safe. Jeevan and Kirsten say goodbye to Frank. Kirsten tells Jeevan that if she knew the flu was coming she would have said goodbye to her family and Arthur. They both cry as they are forever linked by their pain and loss.  Jeevan and Kirsten pack a few essentials.  Kirsten takes the knife that was used to kill Frank because know it’s will be used to protect them as they venture into the unknown of the  outside world.

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