Station Eleven Season 1 Episode 6: “Survival is Insufficient” Recap

Station Eleven Season 1 Episode 6: “Survival is Insufficient” Recap

On Station Eleven Season 1, Episode 5 we found out that the Prophet was Tyler, Arthur and. Elizabeth’s son. If the circumstances were different it would be amazing that Kirsten would finally connect with her mentor and friend’s son in the new world their living in but Kirsten’s temporary alliance with the Prophet is for survival. We also learn that Tyler became the Prophet after the trauma he suffered as a child. On Station Eleven Season 1, Episode 6 the characters explore two different journeys. After the traumatic suicide bombing,s  Sarah mourns the loss of Gil her ex-husband and tries to strategize with the rest of the troupe on The Traveling Symphony’s next move. However, the plans they were making blows up when the guy from the Museum of Civilization approaches them again. This time he’s brought along some muscle who holds the group at gunpoint. So to the Museum of Civilization they go. Meanwhile, Kirsten still thinks that Alex is missing. She runs into Sayid while in the woods looking for her. She’s filled with so much worry that her fears trigger a flashback to her ten-year-old self when she had just joined the Traveling Symphony.  She was reading Station Eleven while watching Baby Alex.  She was so engrossed in her book that when she finally looked up, she realized that Baby Alex was gone. She searched frantically for her only to discover that Gil had found her when she crawled away and she was safe and sound. From that day forward Kirsten put the book away and dedicated her life to caring for Alex. It’s ironic how a distorted version of Station Eleven as depicted by the Prophet threatens to come between Alex and Kirsten. The book destroys everything it touches.

Sayid insists that Alex is fine and reminds Kirsten that she is a grown woman and that she must let her make her own choices. They stumble upon a makeshift graveyard the Prophet constructed for the traveling Symphony. Sarah fires the spark gun using the colors that are supposed to call the crew to the “Wheel”. Kirsten spots them from afar and she breathes a sigh of relief when she finds out that Alex is fine. She urges Sayrid to join the group because she’s determined to find the Prophet and put an end to the madness once and for all. On the journey to the Museum of Civilization Sarah suffers a stroke. She’s weak and retching by the time they actually make it to this mysterious museum, which turns out to be the airport at Severn City that we discovered in the previous episode. The medical team at the airport whisk Sarah away for treatment. Kirsten ends up getting ambushed by the Prophet’s feral gang of children who threaten to chloroform her if she doesn’t recite the prophecy. The prophecy is from Station Eleven. Although the children don’t know that it originated from a book, Kirsten does and she recites it from memory. They take her to where the Prophet’s holed up in a remodeled warehouse that serves as their home base.

Kirsten’s first reaction is to kill the Prophet. But the Prophet reminds Kirsten that if he dies his disciple’ss mission will be to kill the Traveling Symphony. The Prophet insists that he wasn’t behind the bombing at the Country Club and claims that the red bandits a group of rebels was likely behind the attack. He convinces Kirsten that the people at the airport with their modern technology are a bigger threat to her people and that they can help each other if she were to help him get there. Kirsten and The Prophet fall into a deep conversation. Although he has modeled his prophecy after Station Eleven the book doesn’t mean much to him. It’s a cover. The Prophet hides behind his gang of children that he’s lured away from their homes. He uses them to erase the memories of before and he actually considers himself a Post-pan. Kirsten reluctantly agrees to help the Prophet. They waste no time on their journey to the Sevren City airport. The Prophet brings along a few of his trusted soldiers. On the way there they are attacked by the Red Bandits. Kirsten pushes The Prophet into a ditch to protect him and takes on the group of rebels. However, she’s one of the bandits who delivers a fatal blow to Cody, the Prophet’s right hand and self-proclaimed “son in Episode 2. Kirsten takes each of the rebels out, but they end up in poisoning her in the process. As long as the Prophet is safe because again, to save the Prophet is to save the Traveling Symphony.

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